Monday, September 17, 2007

Gateway 22nd anniversary specials

Gateway, soon to be purchased by Acer, is offering two notebook specials as part of their 22nd anniversary. And while Gateway people are celebrating, let's look at the notebooks!

First up, at $600 is the "mainstream notebook" as they call it, the Gateway NX570X notebook. Star Trek connection anyone? No rebates to send. Under the hood there is an Intel Pentium DC T2080, 15.4" widescreen, Vista Premium, Intel a/b/g wireless, MS Office Home and Student 2007 hogware, 1gb memory, 80gb 5400rpm disk, built-in memory card reader, but sadly it appears to have a dvd-rom/cd-burner, not a dvd-burner. Which for $600 may be a deal killer. But according to you can upgrade to a super multi format dvd burner for $49 more.

Next up for those who like 17" widescreen displays is the Gateway NX860S at $700, without rebates. Yes a 17" laptop without rebates at $700! Nice if you like big screen as I just said. Am I repeating my self? Yes I am repeating myself! Okay, enough of the Comedy Central routine. This one has similar specs as the notebook mentioned above, another difference being the 8-cell LiIon battery instead of a 6-cell battery - and believe me you need that if you are powering a larger display. Also comes with cd-rw/dvd-rom, but you can upgrade to a super multi format for $49 more.

Yes, both of the laptops mentioned here are customizable at Gateway's website. And if you are wondering what "super multi format means", here is a quick explanation: Multi-format means it supports both PLUS (+) and DASH (-) formats, so it does dvd+rw, dvd+r, dvd-r and dvd-rw. Super is used to denote Panasonic DVD-RAM support. Dual or double layer refers to the double layer discs which costs a lot more and go by the DL name. DVD+R DL is more common, DVD-R DL are harder to find and more expensive. These are two layers on the same side of the disk. Not to be confused with double sided disks that have content (or burnable area) on both sides. These are very rare at the moment for dvd burning. And while we are add it, Label flash or Lightscribe allow you to use your dvd burner to create a custom dvd label on the top (non-playable) side of the disc. To do this however you need to purchase lightscribe or other technology compatible discs that are prepared for this process. You can't used the lightscribe technology on regular shiny silver discs.

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