Friday, October 26, 2007

Laptops at Fry's Electronics this weekend

Let's see what Fry's Electronics has in-store for us for the weekend. As always we start with the lowest price first and move on up. Remember, MIR is mail-in rebate.

First up, a nice deal for $480 after a $30 MIR, the Compaq Presario F730us with an AMD Athlon TK-55, 1gb memory, 120gb disk, dvd burner, 15.4" widescreen, wireless, and Vista Premium. One per customer.

A very similarly spec'ed HP, the Pavilion dv6605us for $550 after a $50 MIR. The processor is running at 1.8 GHz with a 512K L2 cache.

Then at $600 after a $50 MIR is the HP dv6625us featuring an AMD Turion 1.9ghz processor, 1gb memory, 160gb disk, 15.4" widescreen, wireless, dvd burner with lightscribe and the obligatory Vista Premium. Price-wise you may want to compare and contrast this one with the F730us mentioned above. You could save $120 :)

Yet another HP, the dv2610 is offered at $700 after a $50 MIR, with an AMD Turion TL-58, 1 gig memory, 180gb disk, dvd burner with lightscribe, 14.1" widescreen display, wireless and Bluetooth! Note the difference in screen size, processor (Turion vs Athlon), and Bluetooth-ness.

Toshiba comes in at $750, without rebates mind you, with the Satellite A205-S7442 with a Centrino Duo T5250, 1 gig memory, 120gb disk, dvd burner, wireless, 15.4" widescreen, Vista Premium and such.

Those who love convertibles may be interested in the HP tx1305us, which features a 12.1" widescreen touch screen at $900 after a $50 MIR. It is reasonably speced with an AMD Turion TL-58, 1gb memory, 160gb disk, dvd burner with lightscribe, wireless, Vista Premium and more.

And now we move into four figures territory with three different Sony Vaoi notebooks. First up, the Sony Vaio VGN-CR220 for $1150, without rebates. This puppy is available in different colors. Powered by an Intel Centrino Duo T5250, it has 2 gig memory, 200gb disk, dual layer dvd burner, a/b/g and NextGen wireless, 14.1" widescreen, built-in webcam and Vista Premium.

Next up, with a 13.3" XBrite widescreen is the Sony Vaio SZ640N/B for $1650 without rebates. It runs Vista Business instead. It has the usual assortment of Intel Centrino Duo T7250, 2gb memomry, 160gb disk, double layer dvd burner, wireless including NextGen, and the other usual features.

At the same price we find the Sony Vaio FZ280E/B, with a 15.4" widescreen, the same processor and memory as above, but a 250gb hard disk drive. It also has a dvd burner, built-in webcam and fingerprint reader and Vista Premium.

Two docks are advertised, the Toshiba Dynadock PA3541U-2PRP USB Docking Station with Video Port for $100 and without any rebates! The other one is the HP XB3000 Expansion Base for $200 without rebates and compatible with a number of Pavilion DV-series laptops and some Compaq Presario V-series models.

How about some accessories? A 512mb Kingston USB flash drive is just $6, while at the other end of the spectrum the 16gb K-Data is $100 after a $35 MIR. The Swiss Gear Synergy notebook backpack can be yours for $55 after a $20 MIR. If you want to spend less, the Targus Feren backpack is $30 after a $15 MIR. For $20 after a $10 MIR you can get the Logitech V220 cordless optical mouse.

Apple World
Hey, how about the Macs? What about them? There's one advertised, the MacBook with a Macally black bookshell case for $1100. Fry's is an authorized Apple reseller so do not worry about that. This one features a 2ghz Intel Core 2 processor, 1gb memory, 80gb disk, and sadly a cd burner with dvd-rom capability. Seriously, you expect people to pay $1100 for a laptop without a dvd burner? You can get the Presario F730us for half that price! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Office Depot Laptops this week (or whatever is left of it)

Office Depot (ODP) has rebates, and they have to be mailed in and they tend to be of the slow variety, so if you are not are not patient or organized, you may want to avoid the rebate offers. MIR means mail-in rebate :)

We start with an ODP exclusive model, the Toshiba L45-S7409 for the very tempting price of $450 after a $150 MIR. It is powered by an Intel Pentium dual core T2310, 1gb memory, 80gb hard disk, dual layer dvd burner, 15.4" widescreen, wireless and such. This is nice price for all the features and not to mention the Toshiba-ness. It certainly belongs to the category. Yum!

Next up at $600 after $150 MIR is the Gateway MT-6723 with the Pentium DC T2310, 2gb RAM, 160gb hard disk, dvd burner with labelflash, 15.4" widescreen, Vista Premium, and wireless. Another ODP exclusive model. This is similar to the Toshi above, but has double the RAM and the hard disk on the surface. I'm sure there's some more differences when you dig further down.

Next up at $700 after $200 MIR is the ODP exclusive HP DV2617US, with a 14.1" widescreen, Centrino Duo T5250, 2gb, 160gb disk, dvd burner, wireless and Vista Premium. Note the screen size on this one. Some people do prefer smaller screens (smaller screen means smaller laptop in general).

Toshi returns with the U305-S7448 at $750 after $150 MIR. This has an even smaller wide screen, at 13.3". But it does feature a Pentium dual core T2310, 2gb ram, 160gb disk, dvd burner, wireless, built-in webcam, Vista premium and such.

Using your laptop for too long, or is it overheating or are you worried the surface you are putting it on may not be good for it? The catch all solution is to use a chill mat. And this week they have the Targus® Notebook Chill Mat on sale for $20.

If you want to hold the Big Blue in your hands, the Lenovo R61i is avaiable for $800 after $250 MIR. It runs Vista Business, Centrino duo T5250, 2gb ram, 160gb disk, dvd burner, wireless, built-in fingerprint reader and more. Another ODP exclusive.

Back to the HPs with the Pavilion DV9620US at $850 after $200 MIR. This puppy has a 17" widescreen, and is intended as a desktop replacement in power. The processor is an AMD Turion TL-58, 2gb ram, 240gb disk, dvd burner with lightscribe, wireless, built-in webcam, Vista Premium and more.

Zooming on up we find the Toshiba Satellite A205-S7468 at $950 after $200 MIR, with an HD-DVD player drive as the spotlight. This of course makes it a good candidate as a multimedia computer for that purpose alone. As you probably know Toshiba is one of the driving forces behind HD-DVD so you bet they are going to try to push it out there as much as they can. What else do you get from this notebook? Centrino Duo T5250, 2gb ram, 200gb disk, wireless including NextGen, Vista Premium, built-in webcam and 15.4" widescreen.

Next Sony's multicolor wonder, the Vaio CR220 is $1150 after $150 MIR. You chose the color and the style and you pay the price :-) This has a Centrino Duo T7250, 2gb memory, 200gb hard disk, dvd burner, built-in webcam, 14.1" XBriteECO widescreen, Vista Premium, wireless and more. For Sony fans :)

Last but certainly not least is the HP DV9650US for $1250 after $200 MIR, with Centrino Duo T5250, 2gb RAM, 320gb hard disk (WOW!), dvd burner with HD-DVD playback, wireless including NextGen, TV Tuner, 17" widescreen, built-in webcam, and Vista Premium. Clearly a do-it-all notebook as you get your bigger screen, your tv tuner, and your HD-DVD player all in one. The 320gb hard disk is a nice touch as well given the multimedia-ness of this guy.

And this concludes our coverage of the ODP laptops this week :)

New laptops models invade Best Buy

Six new laptop models adorn the pages of this week's Best Buy circular. Six new laptops and some of the prices may surprise you! For those who hate rebates, there are no rebates to fill! What you pay is what you pay!

A brand new laptop is coming out of the gate at $400. This may belong in the category I call The Remnants, but for a number of uses and applications it may be more than good enough. So what is laptop? It is the Toshiba Satellite A135-S7404. This Best Buy exclusive model comes out of the gate at the price and it's a Toshiba to boot. How can Toshiba make a $400 model? I do not now that answer, but I do know that it has an Intel Celeron processor, 512mb ddr2 memory, 80gb hard disk, dual-layer dvd burner (wow!), 15.4" TruBrite widescreen, and Vista Basic. If these are the only features you need, this is not bad. Or if you plan on running Linux or other lightweight operating systems.

Our first dual core model is the new Acer EX4620-4605. As you can see, even the model naming is new. It is powered by an Intel Pentium dual core, 2gb RAM, 160gb hard disk, dual layer dvd burner, 14.1" CrystalBrite widescreen, and Vista Premium. All that can be yours for $600. Especially if you prefer the smaller 14 inch displays instead of the typical 15.4 inchers.

Next up Sony gives its fans something affordable (in terms of Sony pricing) to put under their Christmas tree: The Sony Vaio VGN-NR180E/W is just $650, with an Intel Centrino Duo Core 2 Duo, 1gb memory, 200gb hard disk, dual layer dvd burner, 15.4" XBrite-ECO widescreen and of course Vista Premium. A reasonably priced Centrino Core 2 Duo Sony? Wow :)

Next we have a computer made from cows! The Gateway P6301 is $700, with a 17" widescreen, Pentium dual core, 1gb RAM, 160gb disk, dual layer dvd burner with label flash and Vista Premium. A Best Buy exclusive model. Ideal if you must have a 17 inch display.

Another Best Buy exclusive at $950 is the HP DV2660SE, SE presuambly standing for Special Edition. This Verve tries to justify its price because of a 14.1" HD BrightView widescreen, fancy cover design (what?), 2gb RAM, 250gb hard disk, dual layer dvd burner with lightscribe, built-in webcam, mobile remote, and Vista. They call it "a stylish powerful performer". Is it?

The last of the advertised new laptops crosses into four figures. You guessed it, it's a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ-240E/B at $1300. Powered by the Centrino Duo Core 2 Duo Intel Making Up Long and Unnecessary Duo Names Duo Silly Duo T7250, it features 2gb RAM, 250gb hdd, dual layer dvd burner, NextGen wireless, built-in webcam, Vista Premium, 15.4" XBrite ECO widescreen and the Sony brand which I'm sure adds about $300 to the price :-)

That's all the laptops. Here are some accessories:

  • Belkin F5L001 cooling stand with fan, $30
  • Belkin F8N044-BRN chocolate color cushtop for laptop for $30. Even thought it says chocolate, DO NOT EAT IT!
  • Avid Pinnacle's PCTV HD ultimate stick with flash memory is $98. Model is 8230-10020-71. Nice name if you want to ask for it by name at a store :)
  • And how about some Madison Avenue accessories? A full page ad in the circular is devoted to a new exclusive line of Liz Claiborne fashion-forward bags and carrying cases for your technology gadgets, be it laptops, digital cameras, cell phones, iPods, and such.

  • Monday, October 22, 2007

    Breakdown: Grouping the sub-$1000 laptops

    This is only my opinion, so please bear with me! I will be breaking down the current sub-$1000 laptops for classicifcation purposes, but also to aid in understanding the market. The categories are presented in price order, the lowest price always first :-)

    The first category, I call The Remnants, these are older less powerful single processor laptops, usually having older processors such as Celeron, smaller than 15.4" widescreen display, cd burner with dvd-rom, but not a dvd burner. they may also have only 512mb of RAM, smaller hard disk, and limited (or no) wireless capability, and probably Vista Home Basic, since 512mb can't really handle Vista Premium. In my opinion, unless you only want these features or you find these dir cheap, I recommend that you avoid them because for about $50 to $100 more you can get a much better bang for your buck.

    The next category is what I call The Bang for the Buck category. This includes the laptops that hover in the $450 to $650 price range and have a number of nice features, but they are not state of the art. Typically you get:

  • 1gb RAM
  • AMD Athlon or Intel Pentium processor - both dual core
  • 80gb to 160gb hard disk
  • dvd burner (double or dual layer, sometime supermulti which really just means Panasonic DVD-RAM support) with either lightscribe or labelflash
  • 15.4" widescreen display
  • a/b/g wireless but not NextGen N wireless
  • Usually no extras like built-in webcam, built-in memory card reader or built-in fingerprint reader. All of these can be added via USB.
  • Vista Home Premium

    Next up, a category that often overlaps with the previous one is what I call The New Value Frontier and goes up to $800ish. It usually offers most of the features of the previous categories but may offer one or more of the following as well:
  • 17" widescreen instead of 15.4"
  • built-in webcam and built-in memory card reader, maybe fingerprint reader
  • 2gb memory instead of 1gb
  • bigger hard disk
  • maybe NextGen wireless

    And last but not least, I am grouping everything in the Open your Wallet category where the prices can start from the $800s all the way to infinity. Okay, not infinity but close :) These have all the latest features and/or some unique characterists that justify the extra price such as convertible displays, or touchscreens, or convertible touchscreens. Also some have HD-DVD or BluRay support which adds to the price premium, especially BluRay. The buzz features such as NextGen wireless, built-in fingerprint reader, webcam and memory card reader abound. Style and size are a premium for some models. Those 12" little bits costs a lot more than the "standard 15.4" widescreen" models. Others have race car affiliations (Ferrari), or luxurious bling bling or leather. But don't let the blign bling fool you, some of them are really more powerful than the previous categories. Some have both style and substance. But the commoon denominator is that you have to pay four figures :-)

  • Lots of laptops at Circuit City this week

    Circuit City offers a wide variety of laptops this week in their circular brochure found in the sunday paper and in the stores. Lots of nice deals, but not for those who are rebate-averse. Remember, MIR stands for mail-in rebate :)

    Let's start with the lowest prices as always. At $470 after two mail-in rebates ($30 + $130) we have a really nice deal if you don't mind rebates. The Compaq Presario F730us is an AMD Athlon 64X2DC TK-55 laptop, with 1gb memory, 120gb disk, dvd burner, 15.4" widescreen, lightscribe, wireless and Vista. A value-packed laptop for that price!

    For $100 more (after one $130 MIR) stands the Gateway M6721 with an Intel Pentium DC T2310, 1gb memory, 160gb disk, dvd burner with labelflash, 15.4" ultrabright widescreen, wireless and Vista Premium. You may want to compare this with the F730us mentioned above as they have similar specs!

    Next up is a great value for lovers of 17" widescreen laptops, the Toshiba Satellite P205-S7438, for $650 after two MIR ($180 total). Its other basic specs are similar to the F730us mentioned above, except it has 160gb hard disk.
    If you value the Toshiba brand and a 17" widescreen, this is for you!

    Next we move into the next tier of sub-$1000 laptops with the HP Pavilion dv6646us, a Circit City exclusive models that costs $730 after a $50 MIR. What makes it a next tier more? It has NextGen N wireless, 2gb ram, AMD Turion TL-58, 160gb hard disk, dvd burner with lightscribe, built-in webcam and Vista Premium.

    How about some accessories? The HP Expansion Base 3000+ is $150 after a $50 MIR, and includes a wireless keyboard and mouse combo along with integrated speakers. Model is ES234AA. Interesting?

    Back to the computers, we have another HP, the Pavilion DV6654us. The price tag is $850 after a $50 MIR. Why this price? It features an Intel Centrino Duo Core 2 Duo T5250, 2gb memory, 250gb hard disk, nextgen wireless, built-in webcam, dvd burner, and 15.4" widescreen. Trade-offs, trade-offs! Do you get this or spend less for a laptop with fewer features?

    And now we interrupt the regular laptops for a Circuit City bundle, which they call a "City Deal". It includes Microsoft Office Home and Studnet 2007 with Firedog installation, and the centerpiece of the set, the Toshiba Satellite A215-S7444 for a total price of $890 but without any rebates. Gasp! This is claimed to be a Circuit city exclusive. The laptop itself has a 15.4" widescreen, AMD Turion TL-58, 2gb memory, 200gb disk, dvd burner with labelflash, Vista Premium, NextGen wireless and built-in webcam.

    The weather is nice how about a convertible? Ooops! This is not a car blog! But we do have a convertible laptop, the HP Pavilion TX1320US for $1000 after two MIR (total $200). The 12.1" brightview touchscreen with 180 degree swiveling capability is the centerpiece and the reason for this price of this notebook. But it's no slouch, as it has an AMD Turion TL-60, 2gb memory, 250gb hard disk, NextGen wireless, dvd burner with lightscribe, built-in fingerprint reader and webcam, Vista Premium and such. Good things come in small packages but at a price premium :)

    The last laptop is a Sony which explains why it is $1250 after a $50 MIR. The Sony Vaio VGNFZ240EB features a 15.4" XBrite-ECO widescreen display, Intel Centrino Duo Core 2 Duo T7250, 2gb memory, 250gb hard disk, Nextgen wireless, dvd burner, built-in webcam and Vista Premium. Of interest to Sony fans I'm sure, but it's not exactly the best bang for the buck for the rest of us :)

    And let's close with some more accessorizing! The Kensington slimblade presenter mouse is $30 (I didn't make up that name!), while their accompanying keyboard is $40. If you prefer to buy a set with more, you pay $100. Addition by addition :) Meanwhile a new Targus 15.4" laptop case is $30, and 1gb of Kingston PC2-5300 667hhz DDR2 is $40 (model KVR667D2S01GR). Oh boy, who comes up with these user friendly names? :)

    Sunday, October 21, 2007

    A trio of laptops at Office Max this week

    A trio of laptops is featured in this week's Circular Ad by Office Max. As always, we start with the lowest price. And keep in mind, Office Max is allergic to rebates, so what you see is what you pay!

    At $650, the Acer Aspire AS5720-4171 2152-4290 makes a case for itself as it is a nicely featured notebook with 2gb RAM, 200gb hard disk, 15.4" widescreen, dvd burner, Intel Pentium T2310 dual core, built-in webcam and memory card reader, wireless and Vista Premium. Office Max claims this is an Office Max exclusive model. Certainly this is a reasonable trade-off between low price and variety of features. If you compare it with the Compaq F730us for example, you get double the RAM, almost double the hard disk, and a built-in webcam and a memory card reader. So ultimately it is up to you whether you value all these enough to pay an extra $100 to $150. Obviously you can buy external/USB webcams and memory card readers, and you can upgrade the memory card yourself, but if you prefer a hassle-free purchase, you should probably take a long hard look at this Acer puppy!

    And now we move on to another Office Max exclusive! This one is a trio! The trio costs $950. For that you get the HP Photosmart M547 digital camera, the HP C4280 3-in-1 printer, and of course the HP Pavilion dv6627om-b. The entree features an AMD Turion 64X2DC TL-58, 2gb RAM, 160gb hard disk, b/g wireless, dvd burner, 15.4" widescreen, built-in webcam and memory card reader and Vista Premium. So that raises the question, get this bundle or pay $300 less and get the Acer. Well, apart from the question whether you prefer HP or Acer, the big question is do you really need the HP camera and the HP 3-in-1 printer? Chances are you already have cameras and printers. I don't know what the price of the printer is stand-alone, but the HP M547 is a pretty entry level camera of the sub-$150 variety. So ask the question and do the math :-)

    The third of the trio of laptops is in the next tier of features, and for that it crosses over into four figures. The Toshiba Satellite P205-S7476 - thank you for the user friendly user names ;-) This puppy costs $1100 and it better earn it! It has an Intel Centrino Duo Core 2 T5250, 17" widescreen display, HD-DVD playback (Toshiba is a big proponent of HD-DVD), 2gb DDR2 RAM, 200gb harddisk, a/b/g/N wireless, built-in webcam and fingerprint reader, and Vista Premium. As you can see it packs a lot of the latest laptop buzz features: 17" display, HD-DVD, Next-gen N wireless, fingerprint reader, and webcam. If you are interested in those, then you justify the $1100 price. Otherwise the $650 Acer looks really nice wallet-wise :-)

    Two budget laptops advertised at Radio Shack

    Radio Shack's circular for the two weeks ending 10/27/07 features two budget priced notebook computers, and they both include a mail-in prepaid card offer in order to get the low price.

    First up, at $450 after a $100 mail-in prepaid card is the Acer Aspire AS4315. This is a rather entry-level model with an Intel Celeron M520 processor, 512mb RAM, 80gb hard disk, cd burner with DVD-ROM (no dvd burner), b/g wireless, and 14.1" widescreen display. The Operating system is not mentioned in the ad. My recommendation is to pay a bit more and get some of the more beefed up entry-level laptops. For example during the Columbus Day weekend you could get the Compaq Presario F730us for $480AR.

    A more powerful computer than the Acer above is the Toshiba Satellite L45 at $600 after a $50 mail-in prepaid card. This has an Intel Pentium 2310 dual core processor, 1gb RAM, 120gb hard disk, supermulti dvd burner, b/g wireless, 15.4" widescreen display and such.

    I do not know what the pre-paid card is, whether it's a Radio Shack gift card or a Visa/Mastercard gift card. Radio Shack's ad did not explain. But they do have a special financing promotion, 12 months no interest on new notebook PCs, with minimum $200 purchase. You still have to make minimum monthly payments.

    For "accessorizers", the Gigaware 26-284 wireless optical travel mouse is just $20, while the one with the retractable cord (not cordless, but USB), is on sale in-store for $12. Also of laptop interest, the 4gb Sandisk USB 2.0 flash drive is $40, while the 1gb MyMusic USB2.0 mp3 player wiht fm tuner is $50 while supplies last.

    Saturday, October 20, 2007

    Two laptops advertised by Staples (October 21 through 27)

    Two laptops are advertised by Staples for the upcoming week, October 21 through October 27, 2007.

    First up, the lovely Acer Aspire AS5520 for $600 flat no rebates no schmebates. This is your typical versatile all-around laptop in this price range. What do you get? You get an AMD Turion 64X2DC TL-58 processor, 1gb RAM, 200gb hard disk drive, 15.4" widescreen, supermultiformat dvd burner, built-in webcam, wireless and Vista Premium. Not bad eh?

    The second laptop is for people who love 17" widescreens. The HP Pavilion DV9620 costs $850 after $50 Easy Rebate, and features an AMD Turion 64X2DC TL-58, 2gb RAM, 240gb hard disk, supermultiformat dvd burner with lightscribe, wireless, built-in webcam and memory card reader, and of course Vista Premium. A nice bundle for those who love 17" widescreen displays.

    That's all from Staples laptop-wise. But both of those are interesting deals and worth a look if that's what interests you. Obviously they are not the bargain that the F730us was at $450 after rebate during the Columbus Day sale week, but these two have plenty to cheer about!

    Notebook deals at Fry's Electronics this weekend

    Let's see what Fry's Electronics has in-store for us this weekend! We will be presenting the laptops in price order, lower price first :)

    First up is the Compaq Presario F730us offered at $480 after a $30 mail-in rebate. This notebook which was a popular Columbus Day deal at Fry's features an AMD Athlon 64X2DC TK-55 processor, 1gb RAM, 120gb hard disk, Vista Premium, dvd burner with lightscribe, 15.4" widescreen and wireless of course. Not much is known about it yet, but it follows on the heels of the successful budget model the F572us.

    Toshiba is one of the big names in laptops, and their Satellite A215-S7427 is tempting at $600 without rebates. It is powered by the same processor as the F730us mentioned above, and has similar features except it trade-offs a 2gb RAM for an 80gb hard disk. One per person.

    At $650 after a $50 MIR stands the HP dv66265us. This puppy is spec'ed similarly to the F730us mentioned above, but it features an AMD Turion, not Athlon processor. The processor runs at 1.90GHz with a 512KB + 512KB L2 cache.

    At $700 after a $50 MIR is the HP Pavilion dv2160us. This guy has an AMD Turion 64 X2 DC TL-58 1.9Ghz, 1gb RAM, 160gb hard disk drive, double layer dvd burner with lightscribe, 14.1" widescreen LCD, Vista Premium, wireless and Bluetooth. This is ideal for those who want a feature packed laptop but also prefer a smaller size. Note that it has a 14.1" widescreen, not the customary 15.4" widescreen. This is a reasonable trade-off between getting the standard 15.4" laptop or the ultracompact ultraexpensive ones.

    Stationary screen frustrating you? Then take a look at the HP TX1305us for $900 after $50 MIR. It has a 12.1" convertible swiveling widescreen display, which is also a touchscreen. It has the usual features you would expect in this price range, AMD Athlon, 1gb RAM, 160gb disk, double layer dvd burner with lightscribe, Vista Premium, a/b/g wireless, etc.

    There are three Sony Vaios advertised, all featuring Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo processors, 2gb RAM, double layer dvd burners, and wireless. They differ on some of the other specs which explains the price variation. The CR240E/B is $1200, while at $1700 you can get either the SZ640N/B or the FZ280E/B.

    Apple users has a choice of the MacBook 2.0 for $1094 or the MacBook 2.16 for $1294. They use Intel Core Duo processors, 1gb RAM, and 13.3" widescreen displays. The other specs are different, which explains the price difference (dvd-burner, processor speed, size of hard disk, etc).

    Last but not leasst, let's accessorize! For $100 you can get the HP Notebook QuickDock. $100 flat, no rebates and such. Also from HP, their Notebook Messenger Bag that fits notebooks with displays up to 17" widescreen is $40 flat, no rebates. If you want a more expansive Notebook Expansion Base the HP XB3000 is $200 (no rebatesw) and compatible with a list of Pavilion and Presario notebooks. If you feel like Tom, you can chase the Logitech V320 for $30 after a $10 MIR. You can protect your notebook with the Targus notebook computer key lock for $15 and no rebates. And if you love the SwissGear bags, the Blue Maxxum backpack is $55 after a $15 MIR and good for notebooks up to 15.4" widescreen.

    Friday, October 12, 2007

    Two laptops next week at Staples - $500 Acer mania?

    Hot off their heels of a major success story wiht the $450AR Compaq Presario F730us, Staples is coming up with a duo of tempting laptops next week. First up a $500 Acer, the Aspire AS4520, for $500 without any rebates! What do you get for a cool five hundred? An AMD Athlon 64 X2 DC TK-53, 1gb RAM, 120gb hard disk, 14.1" widescreen, supermultiformat dvd burner, built-in webcam and memory card reader and Vista Premium. This is ideal for people who want a smaller laptop than the 15.4" but without paying the premium for those cutesy ultracompact laptops. Check it out!

    The second advertised laptop is the HP Pavilion DV6626 for $650 after a $50 Easy Rebate. Easy Rebates can be submitted online, no need to mail stuff out. It is powered by an Intel Centrino Duo Core 2 blah blah T5250, 1gb RAM, 160gb hard disk drive, 15.4" widescreen display, supermulti format dvd burner with lightscribe, a/b/g wireless, built-in webcam and memory card reader and Vista Premium.

    Sunday, October 7, 2007

    Laptops advertised by Office Max this week

    OfficeMax don't do rebates, so what you pay is the final price! First and front page on their ad is the Toshiba Satellite S7454 2152-4307 at $800 featuring a 17" widescreen, AMD Turion 64 X2 DC TL-58, 2gb RAM, 120gb hard disk drive, super multi format dvd burner, wireless networkings, built-in webcam and Vista Premium. A nice bundle for those who love 17" widescreens :)

    The second and last notebook of the circular ad is the Compaq Presario F732NR, at $600 even, with 15.4" widescreen, AMD Athlon 64 X2 DC TK-55, 1gb ram, 160gb hard disk, wireless, dvd burner, and Vista Premium. But if you are considering this, you may want to instead take a look at the Compaq Presario F730us offered at Staples this week for a mere $450 after a $30 rebate.

    And if you want some portable storage for your laptop, the Toshiba 1gb USB flash drive is a mere $10, and the 2gb Sandisk Cruzer Micro Ready Boost is $25, while the 4gb edition is $40. And if you want a backup/external monitor, the 20" Sceptre 2148-8212 is just $170, featuring a 1680x1050 resolution.

    Saturday, October 6, 2007

    Two great laptops during Columbus Day weekend at Staples!

    The big bruh-ha-ha laptop of the weekend is the Compaq Presario F730us for just $450 after a $30 mail-in rebate. This is the real deal folks. You get an AMD Athlon 64 X2 DC TK-55, 1gb RAM, 120gb hard disk, supermulti dvd burner with lightscribe, wireless, 15.4" widescreen and Vista Premium. This is nice for a sub $500 laptop. Very nice!

    The second laptop of the weekend circular is the Acer Aspire AS7720 at $700 without any rebates! This is ideal for those who like 17" widescreen monitors because it has one :) You also get 2gb of RAM with this guy and 160gb of disk, which is interesting to trade-off over the F730us. Rounding up the features is Vista Premium, dvd burner, wireless, built-in webcam, and Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo T5250.

    Wednesday, October 3, 2007

    Eleven laptops on Circuit City this week

    This week's Circuit City circular has a total of eleven notebooks advertised. Enough for a football or soccer team. Although I highly recommend keeping your laptops away from the football or the soccer field ;-) We will present them with the lower price first, because we all love low prices! But first, they have a special offer for all except for HP and Compaq laptops: Free CA internet security software and free Lexmark X2580 printer after $150 in mail-in rebates. Oh by the way, we will be saying MIR for mail-in rebate, and AMD 64X2DC for AMD 64 X2 Dual Core. Every single one of these lovelies includes Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium, so we won't be mentioning it in the individual paragraphs below. It reduced the spec clatter :-)

    Starting at $500 after $100 MIR is the Toshiba Satelite L45-S7423. This 15.4" widescreen is powered by an Intel Pentium dual core T2310, and has 1gb memory, 120gb hard disk, dvd burner, wireless.

    Next up at $570 after a $50 MIR is the HP Pavilion DV6605s. This 15.4" BrightView widescreen is powered by an AMD Athlon 64X2DC TK-55, 1gb ram, 160gb disk, dvd burner with lightscribe, wireless.

    And now we have a Circuit City exclusive model, at least that's what they claim anyways, the Acer Aspire AS5630-6288. Don't you just love these user friendly model names? This puppy costs $650 after $80 MIR. It has an Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo blah blah blah T5500, 2gb memory, 160gb disk, 15.4" crystalbrite widescreen, wireless, dvd burner, built-in webcam.

    If you want some help in setting up your home wireless network, they have created a bundle of the Firedog service needed to do that, and the HP DV6605us for $670 afte a $50 MIR. As you can see, the DV6605us is also offer above stand alone, so this is only for those who want the Firedog service, otherwise, you would be paying an extra $120. And we don't want you to spend more than necessary here at Notebooks Etc! Unless of course you are planning to send us an early XMas present, in that case, spend spend spend ;-)

    Another Circuit City Exclusive appears, the Toshiba A215-S7444, for $730 and *gasp* no rebates! This is an AMD 64X2DC TL-58, 2gb ram, 200gb hard disk, 15.4" widescreen, dvd burner with labelflash, Nextgen wireless (a/b/g/n/), built-in webcam and more.

    But if you are a fan of bigger screens, for an extra $20 more and no rebates, you can get the Toshiba P205-S6307. Be advised though this is a closeout, so your mileage may vary. It has an Intel Pentium DC T2130 processor, 1gb memory, 160gb disk, wireless, dvd burner with labelflash.

    An extra $30, at $770 after a $50 MIR will get you the HP DV2419us. This Circuit City exclusive is a closeout model, but it doesn't stop it from having an AMD 64X2DC TL-56, 2gb ram, 160gb disk, next-gen wireless along with the alphabet soup, dvd burner with lightscribe, built-in bluetooth and webcam, and a 14.1" Brightview screen. Yes, fourteen inch monitor.

    From exclusives we now go to Special edition models, the HP DV6458SE. Also a closeout model with perhaps limited availability, this $900 laptop after a $50 MIR is powered by an AMD 64X2DC TL-60, 2gb ram, 160gb disk, nextgenwireless, dvd burner with lightscribe, 12-cell battery, built-in webcam, and 15.4" widescreen.

    Up next the Toshiba A205-S4777 for $950 after absolutely no rebates. Kudos to Toshiba for that, but how about some user friendly model names please? So what do you get for $950? An Intel Centrino core 2 duo T5450, 2gb ram, 200gb hard disk, nextgen wireless, dvd burner with labelflash, built-in fingerprintn reader and webcam, and more.

    Into the four figures we go with the HP dv9548us for $1200 after $150 MIR. This Circuit city exclusive model features an Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo T5450, 2gb ram, 200gb disk, nextgen wireless, dvd burner with lightscribe, 256mb dedicated video memory which is important for those running video-intensive applications, and a trio of built-in, TV Tuner (hooray!), fingerprinter reader and webcam.

    Last but certainly not least, is the Sony Vaio VGNFZ240/EB for $1300 but no rebates. Thanks for the user-friendly name Sony! This puppy has an intel centrino core 2 duo T7250 brain, 2gb memory, 250gb disk, 15.4" Xbrite-ECO wide screen display, next-gen wireless, dvd burner, and builtin webcam. As you can decipher from the model name, this is a Sony Vaio FZ entertainment PC. The purchase will certainly entertain Sony's accountants :-)

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