Friday, October 26, 2007

Laptops at Fry's Electronics this weekend

Let's see what Fry's Electronics has in-store for us for the weekend. As always we start with the lowest price first and move on up. Remember, MIR is mail-in rebate.

First up, a nice deal for $480 after a $30 MIR, the Compaq Presario F730us with an AMD Athlon TK-55, 1gb memory, 120gb disk, dvd burner, 15.4" widescreen, wireless, and Vista Premium. One per customer.

A very similarly spec'ed HP, the Pavilion dv6605us for $550 after a $50 MIR. The processor is running at 1.8 GHz with a 512K L2 cache.

Then at $600 after a $50 MIR is the HP dv6625us featuring an AMD Turion 1.9ghz processor, 1gb memory, 160gb disk, 15.4" widescreen, wireless, dvd burner with lightscribe and the obligatory Vista Premium. Price-wise you may want to compare and contrast this one with the F730us mentioned above. You could save $120 :)

Yet another HP, the dv2610 is offered at $700 after a $50 MIR, with an AMD Turion TL-58, 1 gig memory, 180gb disk, dvd burner with lightscribe, 14.1" widescreen display, wireless and Bluetooth! Note the difference in screen size, processor (Turion vs Athlon), and Bluetooth-ness.

Toshiba comes in at $750, without rebates mind you, with the Satellite A205-S7442 with a Centrino Duo T5250, 1 gig memory, 120gb disk, dvd burner, wireless, 15.4" widescreen, Vista Premium and such.

Those who love convertibles may be interested in the HP tx1305us, which features a 12.1" widescreen touch screen at $900 after a $50 MIR. It is reasonably speced with an AMD Turion TL-58, 1gb memory, 160gb disk, dvd burner with lightscribe, wireless, Vista Premium and more.

And now we move into four figures territory with three different Sony Vaoi notebooks. First up, the Sony Vaio VGN-CR220 for $1150, without rebates. This puppy is available in different colors. Powered by an Intel Centrino Duo T5250, it has 2 gig memory, 200gb disk, dual layer dvd burner, a/b/g and NextGen wireless, 14.1" widescreen, built-in webcam and Vista Premium.

Next up, with a 13.3" XBrite widescreen is the Sony Vaio SZ640N/B for $1650 without rebates. It runs Vista Business instead. It has the usual assortment of Intel Centrino Duo T7250, 2gb memomry, 160gb disk, double layer dvd burner, wireless including NextGen, and the other usual features.

At the same price we find the Sony Vaio FZ280E/B, with a 15.4" widescreen, the same processor and memory as above, but a 250gb hard disk drive. It also has a dvd burner, built-in webcam and fingerprint reader and Vista Premium.

Two docks are advertised, the Toshiba Dynadock PA3541U-2PRP USB Docking Station with Video Port for $100 and without any rebates! The other one is the HP XB3000 Expansion Base for $200 without rebates and compatible with a number of Pavilion DV-series laptops and some Compaq Presario V-series models.

How about some accessories? A 512mb Kingston USB flash drive is just $6, while at the other end of the spectrum the 16gb K-Data is $100 after a $35 MIR. The Swiss Gear Synergy notebook backpack can be yours for $55 after a $20 MIR. If you want to spend less, the Targus Feren backpack is $30 after a $15 MIR. For $20 after a $10 MIR you can get the Logitech V220 cordless optical mouse.

Apple World
Hey, how about the Macs? What about them? There's one advertised, the MacBook with a Macally black bookshell case for $1100. Fry's is an authorized Apple reseller so do not worry about that. This one features a 2ghz Intel Core 2 processor, 1gb memory, 80gb disk, and sadly a cd burner with dvd-rom capability. Seriously, you expect people to pay $1100 for a laptop without a dvd burner? You can get the Presario F730us for half that price! :)

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