Sunday, October 21, 2007

Two budget laptops advertised at Radio Shack

Radio Shack's circular for the two weeks ending 10/27/07 features two budget priced notebook computers, and they both include a mail-in prepaid card offer in order to get the low price.

First up, at $450 after a $100 mail-in prepaid card is the Acer Aspire AS4315. This is a rather entry-level model with an Intel Celeron M520 processor, 512mb RAM, 80gb hard disk, cd burner with DVD-ROM (no dvd burner), b/g wireless, and 14.1" widescreen display. The Operating system is not mentioned in the ad. My recommendation is to pay a bit more and get some of the more beefed up entry-level laptops. For example during the Columbus Day weekend you could get the Compaq Presario F730us for $480AR.

A more powerful computer than the Acer above is the Toshiba Satellite L45 at $600 after a $50 mail-in prepaid card. This has an Intel Pentium 2310 dual core processor, 1gb RAM, 120gb hard disk, supermulti dvd burner, b/g wireless, 15.4" widescreen display and such.

I do not know what the pre-paid card is, whether it's a Radio Shack gift card or a Visa/Mastercard gift card. Radio Shack's ad did not explain. But they do have a special financing promotion, 12 months no interest on new notebook PCs, with minimum $200 purchase. You still have to make minimum monthly payments.

For "accessorizers", the Gigaware 26-284 wireless optical travel mouse is just $20, while the one with the retractable cord (not cordless, but USB), is on sale in-store for $12. Also of laptop interest, the 4gb Sandisk USB 2.0 flash drive is $40, while the 1gb MyMusic USB2.0 mp3 player wiht fm tuner is $50 while supplies last.

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