Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Laptop round-up at the Gadget Blogs

We are introducing a new feature today! There are so many high tech gadget blogs out there, and it is almost a full time job keeping track of all the new gadgets posted there. So we will be doing that for you: We will be checking the most popular gadget blogs and posting the stories of notebook and laptop interest right here.

So let's get started! Will Apple add Blu-Ray to the laptops? Well now that the high-def media wars are over, what do you think? The Wired blog discusses.

Meanwhile Crunch Gear goes inside the Lenovo X300, a laptop generating lots of buzz for the upticking company. And when we say inside, we really mean inside!

Dell's got the power! Engadget informs us that Dell will be making available the new Penryn T9300 2.5 Ghz processor avaiable in their Inspiron 17xx line-up.

But Dell is not the online one. Alienware will be making it available for some of their Area 51 laptops says Ubergizmo.

Slashgear informs us of further delays to Everex's Cloudbook. It's getting ...cloudy :)

And now to something ...smaller: The 8gb EeePC is getting closer to a release says Gizmodo. It's now a matter of weeks! The lovely is available for ordering from Amazon for around $550.

But EeePC is not the only tiny out there! Ubergizmo has a leak of the HP Compaq 2133. Also at Slash Gear. So many blogs so little time!

Engadget has an update on the Vista Service Pack 1. Of interest to those of you using or tempted to use Vista after SP1 bugs are ironed out. SP1 of SP1 anyone?

Accessorize! Krusell has two new unisex laptop bags called Radical and Breeze says The Gadget Blog.

And some styling too! The Laptops blog talks of new Sony Vaio Type T designs. Yes, computers are the latest gadgets that have discovered "tattoes" ;-)

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