Friday, February 22, 2008

Latest laptop news at the high tech blogs

Let's take a look at some of the latest news from the world of laptops through the eyes of the various high tech blogs out there!

Lenovo X300 vs MacBook Air
Don't you just love a western-style shootout? Gizmodo squares them off, and counts the performance beans. We'll take either one as an early XMas present ;-)

Endgaet chimes in on the debate. And if you want to make your voice heard, or if you want to rekindle the PC vs Mac wars, you can vote in the Gizmodo poll. Who wins right now? Click on to find out. For now, it looks like a recount won't be necessary, but there's still time! Vote early and often!

Meanwhile CNet's Crave blog has received their review unit of the much anticipated Lenovo X300. And you won't believe where CNet was able to fit the X300 in! (Fans of "The Office" may like it). Where is my review copy? :-)

Exploding laptops
The exploding LG laptop has generated more than just Coverage of this at Crunch Gear and Engadget. It's one thing for a laptop to have explosive performance, but it's a whole another thing for it to literally explode! This was reported from Seoul, Korea.

Meanwhile Crunch Gear has a story of a laptop exploding at LAX. LAX the airport that is.

More Stories
What did Japanese engineers thinks of the new MacBook Air? The answer may surprise!

If you wanted to have your Gateway laptop pimped, you may have waited for too long. Details at 11, or the CNet Crave blog.

Not quite Beatlemania, but Europe will be receiving the new LG 13.3" P300 ahead of North America. The estimated price is above $2000, once a reasonable amount to pay for a laptop - and now considered "a lot", even though the buying power of money has gone down. Oh the wonders of technology!

On the other side of aisle, clouds are hanging over the ...Cloudbook by Everex. More troubles says Gizmodo.

More delays, this time the ASUS mini-me U2E, says Engagdet. Oh my, these things are so tiny. How do people type with those? Or do they just show them off as high-tech bijou? :-)

How about some alternatives to the MacBook Air? CNet TV (video link, m4v file) has the visual story!

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