Friday, February 29, 2008

Lenovo Thinkpad X300 reviews and comments

The brand new Lenovo X300, which we covered earlier this week, is generating a lot of buzz on the various gadget blogs. Let's see some of the reactions!

We have two sets of review round-up of the Lenovo X300, first up at Engadget and then at Gizmodo. Lenovo, please send me one and I promise to start posting an on-going review within 4 hours of receiving it :-)

Gizmodo has yet another comparison between the MacAir and the X300.

Best of Reruns
If you missed this one, be sure to check it out! Wired's Gadget Blog interviews a Lenovo guy. And they have some really nice product shots of the X300! This thing is soooo thin it will make Calista Flockhart jealous ;-)

For previous coverage at the gadget blogs, be sure to check last Friday's gadget blog round-up.

Pre-Ordering the Lenovo X300
You can pre-order and custom-configure the X300 directly from the source, from Lenovo itself! Pre-order the Lenovo X300! The X300 is expected to start shipping in two to four weeks. But just so that you won't get a sticker shock, there is a price to pay for cutting edge technology, prices starts around $2500 on a good day :)

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