Saturday, February 23, 2008

Money saving ideas for Lenovo purchases!

In this brand new feature, we will be introducing tips, ideas, suggestions, or strategies on how to make the most out of your hard-earned purchases!

In this episode, we talk about purchases at if you are a Discover Card member.

Here's the deal: Discover Card has a rewards program, they call it the "Get More" program. You earn money based on your purchases. After you accumulate enough rewards, you can convert them into cash, or gift card for various online and brick and mortar retailers. Usually you get face value or a small perecentage increase for your reward, but some retailers have special promotions with Discover. Lenovo is one of them!

If you have accumulated $60 in Discover Rewards, you can convert them to a $120 Lenovo gift certificate. This is the only denomination available for Lenovo at Discover, but that is a nice deal! You are doubling your rewards buying power!

Because this is such a great deal, it does have some restrictions, so be sure to read them. Here is a summary:

Limit one certificate per purchase. Certificates must be used with a system purchase only (notebook or computer desktop).

And speaking of Lenovo, here is the latest Leap Into Savings promotion: Leap now and Save 25% on R series and T series now through March 10, 2008. LEAP!

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