Monday, February 25, 2008

Two new Lenovo notebook coupons for T61 and X60T

And speaking of Lenovo, we have some specials and coupons for you, going towards two specific Lenovo models: Save $105.25 on T61 Notebook models. Hurry, Use code USTMPX60T at checkout!

The T61-series of laptops offers your choice of XP Pro, Vista Home or Vista Business, your choice of screen size (14" or 15.4"), fingerprint reader, wireless and network support of course, and such. They do offer customization, so you can add or remove certain features you want or do not want.

And Save $190.00 on X60T Tablet models. Hurry, Use code USTMPT61 at checkout.

The X-series tablets have a 12.1" "twist and shout" display, 4-cell LiIon battery, 80gb hard disk drive, 1gb memory, Vista Business and such. These of course are some of the default configurations, you can customize them to your liking, but keep in mind not every option is customizable. You can't have a 24" widescreen display for example, but you can always connect it to an external one :)

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