Monday, March 10, 2008

Bamboo laptop and the Battle of the Tinys (gadget blog round-up)

Welcome to another round-up of notebook and laptop news from the gadget blogs. And we start with a round-up in itself, CNet rewinds the week at Crave. Crave being CNet's high-tech gadget blog.

Ubergizmo has something "green" from CeBit: The Asus Eco notebook with a bamboo shell. We assume it uses bamboo to do the processing as well ;-)

In the land of the Giants...
Not only are the tiny PCs getting tiny, but this one from GeCube has a detachable 7" screen. This at DVice, SciFi Channel's gadget blog. Yes, you heard right, the SciFi Channel recently launched a gadget blog, which is a good marriage, since scifi and high-tech are inter-linked: Yesterday's SciFi is tomorrow's high tech ;-)

Amazon itself has a gadget blog as well, they call it Current. And in a recent post they summarized the competition to the EeePC.

Meanwhile Ubergizmo reports that Acer is planning an Eee PC killer, coming later this year. More on this at Engadget.

Laptop Reviews
Engadget spots a review of the Fujitsu Lifebook P8010. This is a lightweight laptop as it clocks in weighs in under 3 pounds. Not that this is a boxing match :)

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