Friday, March 28, 2008

Dell offers BluRay Inspiron laptops for under $1000

We continue the Dell Weekend with Dell news at the Gadget blogs. We tipped off Dell Weekend earlier today with the XPS fan club.

The biggest Dell news that are buzzing on the gadget and high tech blogs are the announcement of new Blu-Ray powered models starting at under $1000. That's right, under $1000! It looks like the demise of HD-DVD is opening the door for BluRay for wider adoption. Will that work for BluRay? Is the demise of HD-DVD enough for mass market appeal? Will the companies behind HD-DVD embrace with BluRay or align themselves with others in an attempt to find an alternative? Well that's a story for another day, the focus here is the new Blu-Ray Dells!

Ubergizmo spotlights the Inspiron 1525 now with BluRay. Infact the new ones will not only start under $1000, but they'll actually start at $880. Of course the price will go up as you add more features, along with shipping, taxes and such. More details at Engadget.

Also chiming on on the announcement are Electronista which points out that you an option of having a BluRay player capability in your drive, but you can also get a full-on Bluray burner, which will obviously costs more. The BluRay playback option is only 720p which will surely disappoint some fans of high def. Which perhaps explains why the price is under $1000!

And CNet's critically acclaimed Crave blog points out that Dell has yet to reveal the price for the option with the full BluRay burner.

And another tidbit on Dells, from Engadget, where the scoop is ...fresh: Latitude E-series accessories. Is it a dock, is it a monitor stand or what? Check Engadget to find out :)

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