Monday, March 17, 2008

Four hot laptop deals at Staples this week

It is rare that all the deals in a weekly circular ad are hot, but this is one of those rare exceptions. So, don't walk, run to your local Staples store. Or check inventory online first, or call them up to see if they have it online or in-store.

Okay, enough banging of the drums, where's the evidence???

Exhibit A: The Acer Aspire AS4720-4721, aka Aspire 4720Z, is offered at the round price of $500, and that's without any rebates of any kind. So what do you get for half a thousand you ask? You get the Intel Pentium dual core T2330 processor, 1gb of memory, 160gb hard disk drive, a nice 14.1" widescreen display, supermulti dvd burner, built-in memory card reader and webcam, b/g wireless, and Vista Premium. What else do you need for a basic all-around laptop? Well, for one thing, if you prefer a bigger screen, you may want to trade it off for a 15.4" laptop instead of this 14.1". Or if you must have a fingerprint reader. But other than that, it can do a little bit of everything!

And if a 14.1" display looks like a pinhole to you, then you will be thrilled to find out that Staples has a special one-time offer for the Compaq Presario A909us which sports a 17" widescreen display. This model is available via their kiosk and only while supplies last. The price is $600 after a $30 Easy rebate. Apart from the aforementioned 17" widescreen display, you get the Intel Pentium dual core T2330 processor, 2gb of memory, 120gb hard disk, supermulti dvd burner with lightscribe. Also, built-in memory card reader (the usual five in one), b/g wireless, built-in webcam, and Vista Premium. Fans of big screen laptops, this is for you!

Next up at $650, and without rebates, we find the Dell Inspiron 1420, available in blue flavor in-store, and red or black via the in-store kiosk. As with other Dells, no rebates, which we are sure thrills "fans" of rebates. Before we get any further, please keep in mind this is a clearance model, so consider this more of a lottery ticket, than your typical purchase.

And the specs you ask? Here is a brief summary: An Intel Centrino Duo T5250 processor, 2gb of memory, 160gb hard disk, supermulti dvd burner, 14.1" widescreen display, wireless, built-in webcam, and Vista Premium - among others. Note the screen size, and compare and contrast with the Acer mentioned above. Obviously the other thing to consider is your brand preference, Acer vs Dell. As we mentioned earlier, Acer is stock-piling computer brands. But Dell is Dell, while their nemesis, Gateway is now ...Acer!

Last but not least in our round-pu is the HP Pavilion dv6745us. This sports a 15.4" widescreen display, an AMD Turion TL-60 processor (64 X2 dual core), 2gb of memory, 250gb of disk space, supermulti with lightscribe dvd burner, wireless and Bluetooth too. Also, memory card reader and Vista Premium. The price? $700 after a $50 easy rebate.

Easy rebates are Staples's award-winning rebates that can be submitted online, so there is no need to cut upc codes and mail stuff via snail-mail. Be sure to read the instructions and follow the rules. And to keep track of your submissions. This reduces rebate frustrations, and also makes it easier for you to make your case to customer service (or your local DA's office) when they are not delivered.

And if you are wondering what "supermulti" means, it is a dvd burner that support DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM. The super adjective goes for the DVD-RAM, which is Panasonic's bridge to nowhere brainchild. Fans of DVD-RAM will point out its benefits and versatility over traditional DVD-RW and DVD+RW rewriteable discs, but that's a whole different can of worms, a can we do not want to open up in this post, because it will fill it up with technobabble and drama :)

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