Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gadget blogs love laptops (round-up)

We have another round-up of laptop and notebook related stories posted at the various and countless high-tech gadget blogs! We do the work for you! We group them together in one place for you to read and enjoy! (Or something like that)

Of Apples and Oranges
The topic of Apple and battery life has generated a lot of buzz. Here is what Crunch Gear says. Crunch Gear also talks trackpad sizes and MacBooks.

Meanwhile Engadget finds that the MacBook has become The Lord of the Bling.

And Crunch Gear has noticed that Intel is planning Centrino 2 for June 2008.

Dissecting the Laptops
What's inside the Everex Cloudbook? Engadget takes a look, and you don't have to open yours - although it's unlikely that you do have one right now :) Speaking of which, Ubergizmo says that it finally ships! And Slashgear finds it online for $400.

Another dissection, this time the new MacBook Pro, opened up by Engagdget!

Don't forget Linux!
Engadget writes that Linpus is rolling out a new Linux-based operating system that targets low cost laptops and mini-mes (UMPC).

Everything Else
Electronista notes that Dell feeds Penryn to its Precision M6300 notebook.

And speaking of Electronista, they give the X4500 a good test. X4500 being a chipset, not a laptop.

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