Thursday, March 27, 2008

Laptop Lifestyles: The thrifty accessorizer

We all love accessories, but we also love our wallets :) We want to be trendy, to have the latest and greatest, but at the same time, not spend a mountain of money on them. So, here are some ideas for cool accessories that won't break the bank!

Look techy and cool when you are out and about at Starbucks and other WiFi hotspots, with this IoGear WiFi Wireless finder, model GWF001. The price? $17! The geek appeal? Priceless! Functionality? Check the reviews :)

You can't always carry your laptop dock with you, or have a dock in every place your frequent. But you can carry this Trendnet TK-207K 2-Port USB KVM switch for $20. Note that this is a USB switch, not a PS/2 switch! Some of the features mentioned at the J&R product page are auto-scanning. Hot-Plug, and Audible Feedback. Weight is 3.5oz, so it won't bog down your laptop bag or backpack or briefcase or handbag.

Hide this one from the cat, this mouse is so tiny, the cat is going to devour it :) The Targus ultra mini optical mouse, model #PAUM01U, is priced at $15, and can fit in tiny spaces when you are planning to use the computer for a while and the trackpad or the trackpoint are just way too frustrating when you are trying to multitask on the computer. It has a "Screen Scroller Button" functionality for easy of use, USB of course, optical so you don't need a mousepad, plug and play, and it even comes with a travel pouch! More details at the J&R World product page.

If you liked this new "Laptop Lifestyles" feature, please let us know, so we can write a few more. If you didn't like it, also feel free to let us know!


erickia said...

your blog look nice, keep the good work and i will be back soon

Notebook Madness said...

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

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