Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Laptop stories at the gadget blogs

Desktop? What is that? Is that like a VAX PDP-11? :) The editors of CNet Crave pick their favorite 17" desktop replacement notebooks. Which ones are they? We won't reveal it, you have to check it out to find out! They do break them down by different categories, general purpose, gaming, graphics work, multimedia and such. And let's not forget, Acer recently announced an 18 inch display laptop. A true ...gem ;-)

Meanwhile back at the laptop farm, CrunchGear is picking up on a story from Taiwan that Dell may be expanding into the ...smaller handheld devices (again). More on this story at Electronista.

Engadget reports that the reported return rates of the SSD-based laptops are blasphemous rumors. Depeche Mode not included :)

CrunchGear corrects previous stories about Toshibas profits and losses. This of course approached from the angle of the HD-DVD "success story". We also pointed out that the demise of HD-DVD may generate some interesting multimedia laptop bargains.

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