Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lenovo X300, Inside the MacBook Air and more at the Gadget Blogs

Welcome to another round-up of gadget blogs stories of notebook and laptop interest! If you are not familiar with this segment, the "Apples and Oranges" heading covers Apple-themed stories, and the "Land of the Giants..." covers the ultramobile tiny PCs, such as the Asus Eee-PC.

Laptop Reviews!
Wired's Gadget Lab takes the Lenovo X300 inside the lab and gives it a good workout. So what did Wired think of the buzzworthy X300? Read their review to find out! We don't want to spoil the findings, you have to find out for yourselves! And keep in mind that a review does not exist in a vacuum but it is anchored by the price, which in this case is close to $3000.

Of Apples and Oranges
In this Apple-themed segment, as the title suggests, we have a lemon? Well, if you pay $40,000 for a laptop you can get for 10% of that price, it's a lemon! It's a blinged out MacBook featured at CNet Crave, and at Ubergizmo.

Don't try this at home, unless you are CNet! Cracking the Air open, the MacBook Air that is. What's inside? A clone of Steve Jobs? See what they found ;-)

In the Land of the Giants, the Tiny PCs rule
Engadget says that Asus and Microsoft may be working together to create a Windows 7 version for the Eee PC.

More on the Eee-PC, a close look of the 9" version at Engagdet. Oh aren't these tiny PCs just adorable? The question is, are they computers or high-tech bijou? :-) We blog, you decide!

Not quite a mini-laptop, but it's mini anyway, and Gadget Lab has a hands-on preview of the Everex gPC mini. Powered by the Penguin (Linux). Lots of pictures in the article.

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