Saturday, March 8, 2008

MacBook Air and EeePC at the gadget blogs

We have another roundup of notebook and laptop stories posted at the various gadget blogs. We started with the Apple segment, apty (?) named:

Of Apples and Oranges
Electronista says that the MacBook Air is selling out, despite the competition from the Lenovo X300. Gizmodo also talks about MacBook Air sales.

But not everyone is drinking the Air Kool Aid! These high-tech bloggers disagree. One calls it a ... "sexy lemon". Ouch!

In the land of the Giants, the Smurf PCs emerge
In this new segment we cover the smaller ultramobile PCs such as the Eee PC and its friends.

The small PCs are growing says CNet Crave. The Asus Eee PC is now heading to a 9" display. Gizmodo confirms that the Eec PC 900 is real and has 1gb memory, 12gb storage and 1024x600 resolution. More on the Eee PC 900 at the Daily Tech blog.

Will EeePC get Windows XP? That's what Ubergizmo says. Well, as long as it's not Windows Vista some will say...

The technical issues are fixed it seems
You may have noticed some errors and unavailability with Blogger blogs. Unfortunately there were some problems, but it seems now they are fixed. Sadly the errors happened while we were editing this post, so we lost some of the text, and we had to rewrite it three times :(

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