Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New ASUS M50 and U2E laptops coming soon!

ASUS has two new laptops coming up! Let's see what the gagdet blogs are saying about them!

ASUS M50 multimedia laptop
We start with the grand-daddy of high-tech sites, CNet's Crave blog confirms that the new M50 is coming up! This is a typical laptop computer with a 15.4" widescreen and all. It is not a tiny EeePC!

Engadget picks up on this new M50 as well and has some of the basic specifications. As a multimedia laptop it offers the option of bluray and also the newer Intel Penryn processors that are all the rage :)

ASUS U2E lightweight notebook
This is another standard notebook, not a tiny ultramobile. Ubergizmo has the basic specs of the U2E. Part of the trade-off for being lightweight of course is the debate between SSD and traditional hard disk drive.

And speaking of lightweight, Ubergizmo also talks about the Nova Lite 2L PC. It's all about diet, light, tiny, and expensive these days :)

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