Friday, March 7, 2008

New Dell Latitude XFR D630 rugged military-grade notebook!

Dell has created a splash among high-tech bloggers with the introduction of the military-grade rugged tough notebook, the Latitude XFR D630. Not to be confused with the name "Toughbook" Panasonic uses to describe their ...tough notebooks.

Gizmodo has the Dell press release, where Dell tries to point out the advantages of the D630 over the Panasonic equivalent models, the Toughbook CF-3xx series.

Engadget has a nice summary of its major specs, and mentions the price. Close your eyes, don't reaad this if you feel like you must have this notebook. Okay, now that your eyes are closed, we can reveal the starting price: $3900!

Crunch Gear has a nice giant picture along with a brief description of this toughie. And so does Ubergizmo.

Electronista informs us that it should start shipping around mid-April. 2008 we assume :) So there's plenty of time to sell the car, or the house, so you can afford it. One way to budget for it: buy a used car instead of a new car, and you've already saved a whole lot more :)

Commentary and analysis, in addition to an introduction can be found at CNet's Crave blog. CNet of course was gadget blog 1.0 way back when their site was a daily destination for all techies.

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