Monday, March 17, 2008

New Gateway notebooks and other stories

In today's round-up of recent notebook-themed stories from the gadget blogs, we feature two new Gateway laptops, and much more.

Two new Gateway Laptops
Ubergizmo tells us about the new Gateway M151X and M151XL laptops. Needless to say they have the latest "buzz" features, such as NextGen wireless, 2 to 3gb RAM, gamer-friendly video card, and Core2 Duo processors. More on these at Engadget and Electronista.

Other stories
Firefox is so lovely, you can even run it from a USB drive, providing you get the right kind. And speaking of Firefox, Crunch Gear informs us that the 4th beta of Firefox 3 is out. Go Firefox go!

Do you and your laptop want to avoid customs nightmares? Check this post by CNet Crave for more on this topic.

Market News
Move over desktops, the notebooks continue to pick up momentum, while desktops stagnate. More on the latest IDC report at Electronista.

Don't cry for me Toshibagina! Partially thanks to the "success" of HD-DVD, Toshiba loses one billion dollars says Ubergizmo.

Despite the industry troubles with melting and exploding laptop batteries, the quality assurance prartices haven't changed much points out the Gadget Lab.

CNet's Crave tracks the news of the upcoming Centrino 2 processors. The new 45nm line of Montevina mobile processors will come out in June and then September. It rhymes with ember which reminds of a certain famous poem.

Poem you ask? What is that? :)

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