Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Toshiba laptops, reviews, and other stories

Laptop Reviews
Electronista has published their own review of the new MacBook. What did they think? We won't spoil it for you, you have to enjoy it for yourselves!

And what did Crave think of the new MacBook and Pro?. If you are a die-hard Apple fan, you may want to take a seat first, and remove any sharp objects from your desk :)

Two new Toshiba laptops
Engadget spotlights two new Toshiba Satellite laptops, the L300 and the U300. As you can suspect from the model names, one of them is a 15.4" type of laptop, and the other one is a smaller 13.3" widescreen type of a laptop.

As you may recall, Toshiba took a major publicity heat when their HD-DVD format failed to win the high definition format wars with BluRay. And Toshiba waved the flag and the HD-DVD vs BluRay war is over. But don't hold that against the Toshiba laptops! And as we mentioned earlier, some of the Toshi laptops with HD-DVD optical drives may be discounted at a nice bargain price. Maybe! We can't guarantee it :)

More laptop stories at the Gadget Blogs
No love lost between Dell and HP/Compaq, as Dell tries to punk an HP event. Well, the press events are boring anyways, they could use some spicing up :)

CNet's Crave blog has spotted early benchmark results of the new Intel Atom processor. Not sure if it was named after "Atom Ant", but there is a comparison with the Celeron M 900mhz there.

And if you missed some of the latest happenings at CNet, be sure to check their week in laptops.

You decide: Is this an artists laptop, or an ugly mess? You decide! We are talking of course about the HP dv2800t, artist edition. Details at Ubergizmo.

If you believe that you can never have too many accessories, check this one at SlashGear. It has ...bedroom benefits (no, not what you think!).

A solar-powered laptop? Are we there yet? Are we??? Find out at the Gadget lab, a Wired blog.

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