Thursday, March 6, 2008

Refurbished/Reconditoned Gateway M6307 notebook for $540

We have a refurbished/reconditioned laptop special from! The reconditioned laptop in question is the Gateway M6307 notebook. The price is $540 and free shipping.

So since this is not a new laptop, what do you get in terms of warranty? You get a 90day Gateway warranty.

So why would you pay $530 for this laptop when you can get a brand new model for the same price? The answer? Features! This has more features than most brand new laptops at the same price.

Let's go through the M6307 features: IT is powered by the Intel® Dual-Core processor T2330, 2gb ddr2 sdram 667mhz memory (2x1gb), 120gb 5400rpm sata hard disk drive, and 15.4" widescreen.

On the secondary tier features, you get a built-in fingerprint sensor, built-in memory card reader, and webcam, along with a/b/g wireless, dual layer dvd burner with labelflash, 10/100 ethernet LAN, Express Card type 54 slot, and such. The weight? 6.3 pounds.

We looked around the net to find reviews of the Gateway M6307 but we found very little I'm afraid :(

But wait, there's more for thrifty shoppers! If you apply and qualify for the new Revolution card, you can receive $50 off your next purchase of $51 or more! So that could turn a typical price into a nice price, or $50+ item, into a near-free item. As always, be sure to check the terms and conditions and such.

$50 off $51 at

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