Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Attention Dell Shoppers! Insprion Specials extended!

Okay, only virtual blue light specials, as we don't have lights flashing on this blog :) But we do have some nice Dell laptop deals, directly from the horse's mouth!

XPS Laptops
We start with the XPS laptops! You can save $300 on all XPS™ M1730 laptops, using coupon code LT67JGM4QCX7B4. The XPS line is of course a step above the rest, so you can expect to pay a premium price for the extra features and such.

Inpsiron laptops
But if you prefer to pay less, and go for a more "bang for the buck" type of a laptop, then perhaps you can consider the "spend more to save more" special, where you save 25% on Inspiron™ laptop purchases over $999, before tax, fees. You do get FREE Standard Shipping! Or you can save 30% if you spend $1299 or more. Spend more, to save more :)

Desktops are computers too
In case you are looking for a desktop computer, you can save $325 on all Inspiron™ Desktop purchases over $999, plus get free standard shipping. The coupon code is Z?KL352LVR?KTT.

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