Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Inbox (NVidia CPU Wars, Mobility secrets, and more )

Find out what happened this week in the world of laptop computers with CNet's This Week in Laptops roundup.

Meanwhile NVidia declares war on traditional CPUs. Can you hear Intel and AMD cry with nanotears?

Sony fans, open your wallets the Sony VAIO VGN-CR309E/RC is offered at Tiger Direct for $800. This lovely Vaio offers a 14.1" widescreen display making a reasonable trade-off in portability, Intel Pentium Dual-Core 1.60GHz processor, 2GB memory of the DDR2 flavor, a 200GB hard disk, wireless of course, and the usual assortment of features for this price range.

Tired of reading? Well you are in good luck, Wired has posted their weekly podcast. And before you start listening, you can also read their sneak preview of the podcast. Use your reading and listening skills to maximize your knowledge bang for the buck ;-)

We've got the secrets for you! Six Secrets in fact for mobile computing success according to Our secret? Get someone else to pay for your laptops! And ours too :)

This is a simple yet beautifully money saving promotion: SAVE 10% on any Dell Laptop or Desktop with coupon code: CJ0408$DF
For those not familiar, Dell Financial Services is Dell's refurbished sales division and with the slowing down of the economy it has started to pick up in popularity. Plus you get Dell to stand behind their own refurbished products, so it's not like buying them from an internet clearing house or an eBay warehouse!

Gizmodo has a very interesting poll for you computer-aholics out there: How many hours do you spend each day on the computer? Not just the internet, but the computer overall! Do count the computers at work, the library, and even the cybercafe! And yes, laptops count too! And EeePCs too! Don't cheat now! Are you in the over 16 hours per day category? Admit it! We are here to support you ;-)

11-07 Free Shipping Banners

Engadget is pointing us to a magical mystical review of a pivoting keyboard.

Looking for a throw-away portable mp3 player? You do not object to factory reconditioned items? Then for just $15 you can get the Creative Labs Zen Stone 1GB mp3 player, in black color, from Tigerdirect. That's right, just fifteen dollars! Music to your ears? :) Remember, this is a refurbished item for the speed-readers out there.

And how about a versatile monitor and HDTV combo? You can plug in your laptops, your desktops, your dvd players, your cable boxes and just about anything that you can connect through! We are talking about the ViewSonic N3235w 32" Widescreen LCD HDTV/Monitor Combo from Office Depot, offered at the very nice price of $700.

Brick and Mortar News
Yes, Comp USA is back! Well, not quite the old Comp USA but the new Comp USA now owned by the company who also owns Tiger-Direct. Crunch Gear has details from a store grand re-opening in Florida. Go big red, go!

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