Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Inbox (Processor Wars, AT&T Wifi at Starbucks, and more)

Yes, processor wars! Intel celebrates 10 million quadcores says CNet, while AMD, well you have to read on to find out what AMD is doing :)

We all know that the main reason laptops became affordable was so that Starbucks can sell more lattes and mochas! That's why! They want the laptop users to veg out there and keep on buying sugary drinks and $1 sandwiches with fancy names so they can charge $6 :) So with that intro in mind, the AT&T/Starbucks Wifi phase one boots up on May 1st. But this phase is only for AT&T customers!

Viva Ubuntu! Now Ubuntu finds its way in Nokia internet tablets. Go Ubuntu go! Details at Crunch Gear!

If you are a fan of the toshiba Qosmio laptops, be sure to check this Radio ShaQ special: save Over 25% on the Qosmio laptop - only $949.99 until 4.30.08. This lovely F45-AV423 notebook PC uses a 15.4" widescreen display, 2gb of PC2 5300 DDR2 SDRAM, 250gb hard disk, super multi format dvd burner, Harman Kardon speakers, WiFi, built-in webcam, and lots more.

It's not a bed of roses for the XO Notebook in Peru. It's never easy isn't it? Daily Tech has the story.

Good customer service? That is almost as rare as good coffee these days! Perhaps this is why Dell is plannign to upgrade their customer service says Crunch Gears.

Gizmodo has posted a lightning-round review of the new HP 2133 Mini Note. Oh so tiny and so cute, what did Gizmodo think of this tiny masterpiece? Masterpiece or mastercrap? Read on to find out :)

Laptop Accessories
Fretting that your notebook does not have a webcam while everybody else seems to have one? Fret no more! For just $20 you can get the Creative Labs VF0250 Live Cam Notebook Pro WebCam from J&R World! Take that expensive laptop snobs :)

Do you have backup power for your high tech equipment? If not, consider the APC Smart-UPS 8 Outlet 1500VA 980Watt for $280 via And if you love PayPal, see the offer below that can save you an extra $20 on this order, or any other CompUSA offer that fulfills the special offer requirements.

Love PayPal?
If the answer is yes, the newly rebooted CompUSA, now powered by Tigerdirect, is having a tempting special: Get 10% Cash Back with Paypal on The maximum cashback is $20, and the minimum order is $200, so as you can see the sweet spot of this offer is an order in the neighborhood of $200 or so. But don't let the sweet spot of the offer hold you back if you want to buy a more expensive item. $20 off is still $20 off regardless :)

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