Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Inbox (Ubuntu, Earth Day, new laptops, and more)

We are now trying a new feature, "The Inbox" which will be a round-up of notebook and laptop related stories from around the net! Let us know what you think!

A recent open source census has Ubuntu taking over almost half of the market. Details at CNet News. Go Linux! Go Open Source! Go! Go! Go!

Earth day! Celebrate! ASUS will be shipping bamboo laptops in June, says Engadget.

Sony celebrates Earth Day with a special promotion that helps them and you too. Especially if you have a rotting laptop that has no value on eBay or anywhere else :) Recycle your old notebook: Get up to $250 towards a new VAIO® notebook with the Sony Style Notebook Trade-in Program.

If you are curious about the new and improved Dell Vostro business laptops, especially the smaller 13" models, be sure to check the early review of the Vostro 1310 at Oh it makes me want to get one now, as spec'ed but at the starting price :)

Acer is working on a laptop using the new Intel Atom processor says PC World. The trends are funny, we go from giant big to tiny small, and the normal middle-of-the-road size becomes the best bang for the buck. Look at LCD HDTVs too, a similar thing!

If you don't think there are enough Eee PC alternatives, then consider the Medion Akoya Mini E1210, featured at Slash Gear.

Meanwhile the HP Pavilion dv9700t gets a review at Yes, this is a 17" desktop-replacement consumer-tier type of laptop. Check out the review! Will it cause you to dv8 from your favorite brand purchases? :)

If you are a fan of refurbished notebooks, then this might peak your interest, save $180 on the Sony VAIO® NR VGN-NR160E/S Notebook (refurb), now just $650. Don't sleep on it though, this ends on Wednesday April 30th. Actually there is a week left, so you can sleep on it :)

Meanwhile the good people at J&R World have a new special, the Lenovo 7658-RUU ThinkPad T61, which is a 14.1" notebook for $900 with free shipping and handling. This is powered by the Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 processor, 1gb of memory (max 4gigs), 120gb SATA 5400rpm hard disk, Intel X3100 powering the 14.1" widescreen, dvd burner, fingerprint reader, Express card, PCMCIA Type II slot, wireless, ethernet and the usual assortment of features found in this price range. Oh and XP fans will love this: It comes with Windows XP Professional! Take that Vista :)

And if you want to accessorize at the same time, for $40 you can get the Targus TBR003US Rolling Notebook Case. Can you ever have too many laptop bags? For one thing, it's a lot cheaper to buy laptop bags than new laptops :) It's two orders of magnitude cheaper infact, so accessorize with passion :)

And now something new, five new laptops from the good people of Toshiba. HD-DVD not included :) Ouch! Oh we are so mean to poor Toshi :( SlashGear has the five new Satellite Pro models. A wide range of prices, approaching the affordable at under $700 and of course moving on up the price ladder.

You can't figure out the screen size from the model names, which can be frustrating since there are so many laptops getting released left and right, let alone the "special editions" that create even more confusion. Anyway, the five new models are the U400, M300, L300, L300D and L350. More on the new Toshiba Fab Five at Crunch Gear, Electronista, Cnet Crave, and many other places too.

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