Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If you are not afraid of slow rebates, dive into these Office Depot laptops!

I have to stress it again, these deals are for the brave ones who are patient and organized enough to deal with multiple Office Depot rebates. If you are not organized or patient, spare yourself the trouble and don't do it. You do have to "earn" the really low prices after all :)

The Big Rebate Deal: $330 dual core Presario
The low price star of this week's circular ad is the Compaq Presario C700T, offered at $330 after $180 Mail-In Savings (rebates). You will pay $510 + tax in-store, and if all goes well with the mail-in rebates, in a few weeks, you should receive $180 in the mail.

So what are you getting for just $330 after rebate? A Presario powered by the Intel Pentium dual-core T2370 processor, with 1GB memory, 80gb disk (ouch!), 15.4" Brightview Widescreen display, dvd burner, 802.11b/g wireless, and such. They do offer upgrade, such as Vista SP1 for an extra $35, double the hard disk space for an extra $45, and double the DDR2 memory for an extra $65.

Gateway to savings!
Another rebate special, this time the Gateway T-6321, an Office Depot exclusive model, is going for $550 after $135 in mail-in rebates. The in-store price you pay is $685 + tax, and then you follow the rebate instructions, make copies and such, and eventually you receive $135 rebate checks. Note that the sales tax is not refundable.

So what do you get in the Gateway T6321? An Intel Pentium dual-core T2370 processor, 3GB DDR2 memory, 160GB hard drive, dvd burner with LabelFlash, 15.4" widescreen, built-in webcam, wireless (11g), and the lovely Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1.

Office Depot, Inc

More laptops, more rebate fun!
This week's circular does indeed focus on laptops as many more are listed. Here we go, starting with the lowest price first!

Toshiba fans will be thrilled that they can get the Satellite L355D-S7809 for $600 after $125 in mail-in rebates. This lovely laptop is powered by the AMD Turion 64 X2 dual-core TL-60 processor, and has a big 17" TRUBRITE™ wide display, ideal for fans of big displays and bigger laptops. Don't expect this to fit in your purse like an EeePC :) Other noteable specs include a separate numeric keypad, 2GB DDR2 memory, 200GB hard drive, dvd burner with labelflash, built-in webcam, wireless, and Vista SP1. Tempted? A nice review of this laptop can be found at Laptop Magazine, an online and offline laptop resource!

More Toshiba fun with the Satellite A205-S5855, which goes for $650 after a $75 mail-in rebate. This is an Office Depot exclusive model, and comes with Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo T5550 processor, 15.4" wide display, 3GB DDR2 memory, 160GB hard drive, dvd burner with labelflash, wifi (a/b/g), built-in webcam, and Vista SP1. An interesting comparison between this guy and the 17" Toshiba mentioned above. Your choice of course :)

Moving along we find the HP DV6830us offered at $700 after two mail-in rebates totalling $125. This Pavilion has an Intel Core 2 Duo T5550 processor, 3GB DDR2 memory, a 250GB hard disk, dvd burner with lightscribe,
built-in webcam, b/g wireless along with Bluetooth, a 15.4" widescreen display, and of course Vista SP1 (Service Pack One). Bluetooth fans are you there yet? :)

Higher prices, but still under $1000
The last three laptops cost more, but they are still under four figures, after the rebates are cashed of course. We start with the HP DV2840se, a special edition model as the model name suggests. This Pavilion is of the AMD variety, with a Turion 64 X2 DC TL-60 processor, and a price of $750 after two mail-in rebates of $125 total. This is geared towards mobile users as it has a 14.1" BRIGHTVIEW widescreen display and a "Cool Design" according to HP. But that's not all here. There's plenty of power to consider here, with 4GB of memory and 64-bit Windows Vista Premium SP1. A skeptic would say "Even more bits to cause bluescreen?", but we digress. Other notable features include a 250GB hard disk, dvd burner with lightscribe, built-in webcam, alphabet soup wireless (a/b/g/n), and Bluetooth too! Not a bad price considering the 4gb memory and 64-bit OS, Bluetooth and NextGen wireless. For more, be sure to check CNet's Product Brief, a cross between a review and product information.

Back to the lovely Toshis again, with another ODP exclusive model, this time the Satellite P305-S8820, which goes for $780 after a mere $75 mail-in rebate. This is for fans of bigger laptops with a 17" TRUBRITE™ wide display, an Intel Core™ 2 Duo T5550 processor, 3GB of memory, 200GB of hard disk space, dvd burner with labelflash, wireless (a/b/g), built-in webcam, and of course Vista SP1, everyone's new faovrite operating system diss :)

Last but certainly not least, for fans of really mobile notebooks, we find the Toshiba U405-S2824, an ODP exclusive model, with a 13.3" widescreen display and a price tag of $800 after a $75 mail-in rebate. This weighs in at 4.9lbs, qualifying for the lightweight belt title :) The processor is the Intel Core2 Duo T5550, and the elephant duties are shared by 3GB DDR2 and a 250GB hard disk. Also sports a dv burner, built-in webam, a/b/g wireless, and Vista SP1. Oh it is so adorable, isn't it? :) We checked the internets to find a review of the U405-S2824, but we were unable to do so. Probably because it is an exclusive model, so it doesn't get the global love a global model would get.

And this concludes our round-up of the Office Depot weekly circular. Stay tuned for more laptop and notebook updates from this blog!

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