Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Inbox (Battery Hope, Alien Reviews and more)

Lenovo's new ads continue to generate buzz, this time at CNet.

The aliens are coming the aliens are coming! Thankfully PC Magazine is giving us a heads-up on what type of computers they are using. They have been given by the Area 51 aliens a unit of the M15X for a video review. These laptops are made by their shell company, called AlienWare. We all know tha these are made by tall skinny aliens, cloaked in orbit around the earth, in their giant high-tech factory UFOs!

Sometimes new technology ideas can even be good and practical and helpful. Maybe? PC World thinks that this new idea may improve battery life in laptops. And that is always a good thing!

Want a cheap memory card and not afraid of mail-in rebates? If yes to both questions, yes, BOTH questions, then consider the PNY P-SDHC4G4-FS 4GB SDHC memory card for $12 after mail-in rebate. Head on to J&R World for all the details.

I'm sure you are tired by now of the BluRay vs HD-DVD "war is over" posts. Well, as you can expect, this may have been a pyrrhic victory for BluRay. Electronista reports that Blu ray is slow to pick up, despite the disappearance of its main competitor. That will teach the manfacturers not to play these silly dual competing standards games again! (Oh, no it won't, they'll do it again and again and again)

Meanwhile if you are looking for affordable printers for your small business, HP, the Small Business division, is having some specials on Laserjets and friends. Of course the Earth prefers that you do not print, but some things just have to be printed! Or do they?

And speaking of HP, could you start your own company in your garage? The next HP perhaps? is having a very interesting story, profiling tech entrepreneurs.

More tech, this time solid state drives which are quite popular in the newer tinier smaller tiny PCs :) NotebookReview takes a look at the 32gb SSD from Crucial. Crucial of course the memory company. Not a crucial review, but a review of a product by the company named Crucial. But that doesn't mean it isn't a crucial review of the Crucial 32gb SSD :)

And if you like more advanced word play, stop reading this, and instead consider some good books! Don't want to wait for the library to make it available? Tired of dealing with fringe eBay sellers? Well, how about

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