Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Inbox (Laptop Reliability, Multi-cores, WiFi Lingua Universalis)

Welcome to another edition of the InBox! We start with something of great interest for laptop owners. Reliability! CNet's Crave blog looks at that top, most reliable laptop brands out there. Their findings are rather surpring, not in who finishes first or last, but rather... Well, you have to read it to find out :)

PC World has an update on the AMD multi-core processors. AMD is jumping to 12-core processors and apparently leaves 8-core processors in the rear view mirror. Ah, finally consumer computers discover the world of multi-processing, Windows-style ;-)

We all wanted our MTV in the 80s, in the 00s, we all want our WiFi. CNet calls for universal Wifi, not to be confused with universal health care :)

The Apple world is celebrating a birthday today! No, not Steve Jobs or Guy Kawasaki, but the iMac. The iMac turns ten! More at Crunch Gear.

If you like refurbished monitors, be sure to check this special from Tigerdirect, the Gateway FPD2275W 22" Widescreen LCD monitor is offered for $180, and it has VGA/DVI-D inputs. Again, please note that this is monitor refurbished!

Meanwhile PC Launches, among many other sites, is covering the launch of the new artistic Dell Inspiron 1525 by Mike Ming, which you can buy from directly from Dell starting at $700.

And now something of general fun, CNet's Crave blog takes a look at the geekilicious Maker Fair. DIY Geeks galore :)

Forget gigabytes, it's all about terrabytes nowadays for your personal data, offered by J&R World for $220. Details below.

Western Digital WDH1U10000N 1TB My Book Essential External Hard Drive

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