Thursday, June 26, 2008

Double your Lenovo buying power with the Discover Rewards program!

If you are a member of the Discover credit cards rewards program, you have the opportunity to double your buying power if you request a gift card for Let's explain this in more detail.

If you have earned $60 worth of Discover Cashback Bonus rewards, you can go to the Discover website and request a reward. One of the reward partners is You can convert your $60 reward into a $60 check or direct deposit to your account, but if you are interested in making a Lenovo purchase, you can double your purchasing power, and receive a $120 Lenovo gift certificate! Wow - if you are into :-)

According to the Discover website, the $120 gift certificate will be delivered by mail, it is a "paper certificate", not an online eCertificate. Not sure what the logic behind that is, but I did not design that system :)

There are terms and conditions for this offer and you have to make your purchases by phone or through the Discover Cashback shop at The following are the hightlights, be sure to read all the terms and conditions on your own!

Limit one certificate per purchase. Certificates must be used with a system purchase only (notebook or computer desktop)

Visit online at and place orders by calling 1.800.426.7235, Option 1, Ext. 4546

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