Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot Office Depot Laptop Specials for Father's Day!

This week's Office Depot circular ad (June 8 to 14, 2008) is loaded with laptop deals, gearing up for the Father's Day shopping sprees around the country. If you needed an excuse to buy high tech gear, Father's Day and the Tax Rebate Checks are a good reason! So, let's go through the specials and see what's hot or not!

Front Page Laptop Deal: The Red Gateway T-6321
A very tempting Gateway laptop makes the front page for the price of $500. But Office Depot, unlike Office Max and Best Buy, is a friend of mail-in rebates, and if you want to get all these great deals, you have to submit, track and follow-through on all the rebates. It is a must!

So, the big temptation is the Gateway Model T-6321 going for $500 after a mail-in rebate of $125. The in-store price is $625 plus tax. So what's the big deal you ask? Sure, we've seen tons of $500 laptops, what's so special about this red laptop? Well, pay close attention! It has a 14.1" widescreen display, and laptops of this screen size rarely drop this much in price. But it's not an entry-level machine either! It has an Intel Pentium dual core T2370 processor, 3gb of DDR2 memory, 160gb hard disk, dvd burner with labelflash, built-in webcam, wireless, and Vista SP1. This is an Office Depot exclusive model. The Vista SP1 tells us that this is a new(er) model, since older laptops were bundled with th original Vista Premium, not the Service Crap One. Oops, we meant Service Pack One! So don't wait, grab the Gateway T6321, assuming of course you can find it in-store at your local ODP store. Because considering the price and features, it may be gone by now. But it never hurts to check online or at your local store. You may win the laptop lottery! By the way, no rainchecks on this one!

The other big front page special is the HP Pavilion TX1499us, a touchscreen notebook with a 12.1" brightview touch-screen display. The price is $700 after two mail-in rebates totalling $100. In-store price is $800. Now if you don't like touchscreen laptops, jump over to the next one. But if you do, you may have won the touchscreen laptop lottery :)

Office Depot, IncGo Green!

The TX1499us has an AMD Turion dual core 64 X2 TL-60 processor, 2gb of memory, 160gb of hard disk, dvd burner with lightscribe, built-in fingerprint reader and webcam, wireless, and Vista Premium. And because of the touch-screen, it can capture handwritten notes and even attempts to convert it to computer text. As you can expect, no rainchecks! and limited quantities, etc, etc. But it never hurts to check!

A bargain desktop in a sea of Laptops
If you want to have a dirty cheap desktop for general purchase work, eg email, browsing, etc, or if you want to give it as a gift to a beginner in computing (if such a person still exists), then perhaps the eMachines Tower T3646 can be that computer for $250 after a $50 mail-in rebate. This does not include a monitor, but you can pick one from the on-sale monitors mentioned below, or any other one, new or used and such. This desktop is powered by the AMD Sempron™ LE1250 Single-Core Processor, and has 1gb of memory, 160gb of hard disk, dual layer dvd burner, and Vista Basic SP1. Not bad for a $250AR desktop. Remember, this is without a monitor!

Computer Accessories
No computer is complete without a boatload of accessories. At least that's what the computer gearheads will have you believe. So, here we go, we start with the LCD monitors, which are plenty and affordable in this week's edition of the ODP flyer. ODP by the way is shortcut for Office Depot.

You can have the 19" Envision 242TFHD LCD widescreen for just $150 after a $50 mail-in rebate. That is a nice price, and you can use it as a backup, or laptop docking monitor, or even hook up an older computer to it and create your own screensaver or digital picture frame.

Also at 19", you can have the Samsung 953bw for just $200, and no rebates at all. This is the Samsung brand after all! If you prefer a 20" display, then the Samsung 2032NW can be yours for $230, also no rebates. Its main specs include 5ms response time, 3000:1 CR, and 1680 x 1080 max resolution. Yes it is a widescreen LCD! Or perhaps you can jump to the Syncmaster 2253BW for $300, and no rebates. This lovely LCD has a 5ms response time as well.

External hard disk drives are all the rage these days, and plenty of them are advertised in the circular, starting with the Seagate® FreeAgent™ 750GB External Hard Drive for $150, and no rebates whatsoever! That's almost 200,000 mp3 songs! Move over Walkman and iPod :)

IF you want to spend about half, but get a much smaller disk size, you can get the Maxtor® 160GB OneTouch™ 4 Mini External Portable Hard Drive for $80. If you want to pay as little as possible, that's a good choice, but if you are the type that counts bang for the buck, the more gigabytes you buy, the better the ratio will be. Of course you also have to consider that the bigger the disks, the bigger the risks if something goes wrong to it!

Office Depot, Inc

USB storage, aka usb flash sticks, are a versatile backup or primary storage for whatever you are doing. You can never have too many of these, just in case! So with that in mind you can get a 4gb red Sandisk Cruzer Gator for $25, no rebates. For more storage, an 8gb Ativa (home brand of ODP) sets you off by $40, at $5 per gigabyte which seems to be a good price these days for storage at brick and mortar. And if you just want a 1gb model, then you can get the Ativa model for just $8. Not bad either! Almost dispoable prices even :)

And now something for fans of HDTV, and a very good price for such a big Father's Day gift: The AOC L32W761 HDTV LCD for just $530, and there are no rebates here! This is a 32" HDTV, yes thirty-two inch, not a typo. It has 1360 x 768 resolution, 1500:1 contrast ratio, and almost 180-degrees viewing angle. Not bad for the price! But as with all high ticket items, if you are not familiar with the product or brand, be sure to do some internet searches and look for reviews and other people's first hand experience!

And something really cheap after rebate, an upconverting dvd player from Memorex, the Memorex MVD2045 for just $10 after a $40 mail-in rebate. Yes, just ten bucks after rebate! For that very price, you can also get a 1gb Memorex mp3 player, after a $30 mail-in rebate. So if you are a rebate specialist, you can get these two goodies for just $20 plus tax on the whole amount, assuming of course you do all your rebate homework!

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