Sunday, June 29, 2008

Latest news from the world of notebooks and laptops

PCLaunches goes to the Toshiba Zoo and rounds-up the Pumas. The AMD Puma based laptops of course, not actual "Discvoery Channel" pumas. The new laptops are part of Toshiba's alphabet-soup line-up, and will include face recognition, and an FM tuner.

PC Magazine has a great story featuring three featherweight laptops, the Lenovo X300, Apple MacBook Air, and the Toshiba Protege R500. What did they think? Read Tim Bajarin's column to find out! One thing is for sure, the price is not for those with a balanced budget in mind!

CNet's Crave tells us that Cizmo of Germany is going to roll-out a gamers laptop that will zoom above 3.0 GHz using Penryn-class processors, DDR3 sDRAM, Extreme, and lots more! Read all about it at Crave!

CrunchGear points out that SSD boosts the EeePC. Well, faster is always better, but at what price? tells us that ASUS has a couple of its "Montevina" laptops available for pre-ordering.

Good news for Apple according to PC World, shipments are up at around 60%! Do they get a free Apple computer with every iPod? :-)

If you want more, be sure to check the week in laptops by CNet's Crave blog!

Not Laptops, but of Interest
PC World tells us to expect Firefox 3.1. Well, after the celebrations of 8 million Guiness-book record breaking downloads, it's about time to start fixing those bugs :)

Engadget says farewell to Bill Gates as he fools everyone into thinking that he is retiring from Microsoft ;-)

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