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Laptop specials at Circuit City!

This week's Circuit City circular has a number of laptops offered on sale, but lacks the blockbuster specials that Best Buy has this week. The specials are good for the 4th of July week, and expire at the close of business of Saturday July 5, 2008.

Nevertheless, there are some nice deals, starting with the Acer Aspire Extensa EX5620-4020 going for $550, and without any rebates. This is a Circuit City exclusive model but also a closeout with no rainchecks, so it may be your lucky day if you can find it in-stock. The specs are what you would expect at this price range, a 15.4" widescreen display, Intel Pentium dual core T2370 processor, 2gb memory, 250gb hard disk, dvd burner, wireless and web-cam, and Vista SP1. Quite fascinating that even Vista SP1 laptops are on clearance, even though Vista SP1 hasn't been around for that long. What are the manufacturers doing? Coming up with new model names every other month? Oy!

A back-cover special is the HP dv6810us, going for $630 after a $50 mail-in rebate. This Pavilion has an AMD Turion 64 X2 DC TL-60 processor, 3gb of memory, 160gb hard disk, dvd burner with lightscribe, built-in wireless and Bluetooth, and Vista SP1.

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Next we have two Toshiba laptops going for $730 without any rebates, and they target two different groups of laptops users. One goes after the more mobile crowd, the 14.1" widescreen Satellite M305-S4819, The other is the 17" Trubrite Satellite P305-S5818. Both are closeouts without rainchecks. But there are some differences in their specs. The 17" P305 has an AMD Turion TL-62 processor, 2gb memory, 250gb disk, dvd burner with labelflash, wireless, webcam and Vista SP1. The 14.1" M305 on the other hand has an Intel Centrino processor, 2gb memory, 250gb disk, dvd burner with labelflash, wireless including N, and Vista SP1.

Next at $830 without rebates we find another Toshiba, this time the Satellite A305-S6829, also a closeout without rainchecks. It has a 15.4" Trubrite widescreen, Centrino processor, 3gb memory, 250gb disk, dvd burner, webcam and wireless, along with Vista SP1. A little bit pricey don't you think for a closeout?

Moving along at $850 after a $50 MIR is the HP dv6871us with a 15.4" widescreen, Centrino processor, 3gb memory, 250gb disk, dvd burner with lightscribe, wireless (N included) and webcam, and Vista SP1 too. Do note that this is fueled by the nVidia GeForce 8400M GS graphics module with 256MB of dedicated memory, so it won't be stealing as much from your general purpose RAM ;-) This is not a closeout.

And we conclude the specials with the Sony VGN-FZ-430EB at $900 as a closeout. Never a rebate with Sony as it dilutes its brand - at least that's what Sony thinks. We love rebates! Give us rebates please! This laptop has a 15.4" Xbrite-eCO widescreen, 3gb memory, Centrino processor, 250gb diskk, dvd burner, wireless (a/b/g/N), webcam, and Vista SP1. Suited for Sony fans, too expensive for everyone else?

Laptop and Computer Special Offers
Oh and there is another special for laptop buyers, you can get a bundle worth $190 for FREE after a total of $190 in mail-in rebates! Nice deal if you are the rebate kind because there is some work involved in doing rebates the right way and avoiding (or at least minimizing) any of the pitfalls that can get you to a rebate never-ending-story. The $190 bundle includes the Lexark X2690 printer, security software from Microsoft (isn't that funny), and the D-link WBR1310 Wireless G-router. As with all rebates, the sales tax is not refunded. Again, don't jump on this, unless you are a "rebate expert" or you plan to follow through with all the steps and requirements!

More specials, for 90 days you make no payments and no interest for all laptop and desktop computers priced at $249 or more. Please show me a laptop at $249 :)

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Laptop and Notebook Accessories
You have to accessorize! It's a must! And you can do that in money-saving fashion. Circuit City has a special "laptop essentials combo" for $50. This bundle includes a Verge 15.4" neoprene sleeve, a Kensington ComboSaver portable laptop lock, and a Centon 2gb flash drive with a preloaded Webmaster's dictionary. Not a bad price if you need all three items, but you can obviously find similar things cheaper on their own if you look round.

Oh my, a $10 wireless optical mouse? Yes, but after a $10 MIR. The mouse is question is the Kensington Ci56m, ideal for laptop usage. Couldn't they give it an easier name? :)

The temperate is going up so this is a good time to give your laptop its personal fan! The Belkin F5L001 is a laptop cooling pad and is on sale for $20.

Bags from Swiss Gear? If yes, the red Anthem 15.4" laptop sleeve has a slim lightweight design and costs $25. If you want more more more, the Pegasus 17" laptop backpack is waiting for you. This one is not red, but a more traditional black backpack look.

Widescreen LCD screens!
The widescreen LCD prices continue to fall, so that's a good thing if you are planning to get one, especially if you don't need the latest models with big dianogal size. A 17" Envision can be yours for $160, no rebates. This has 5ms response time and 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. IF instead you want a Samsung, they have the 2053BW 20" model on sale for $250 after a $30 MIR. This has a super-fast 2ms response time, 8000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and a maximum resolution of 1680x1050. Go Wide!

Then at 22" you can get the LG W2252TOTF for $270. Also 2ms response time which makes it a good choice for video and games. IT has a 5000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Or you can get the 19" LG W1952TQTF for $200.

More storage please!
The external hard disk are getting cheaper and cheaper! You do have to pay a mobility premium if you go for the 2.5" sleek portable ones to carry around wherever you go, but if you want bang for the buck, the bigger 3.5" models are where it's at. After all, you can get one terrabyte for under $200. Models from Western Digital, Maxtor and Simpletech are advertised, starting at $91, with storage starting at 160gb for the 2.5" units, and 350gb for the bigger ones. There's even an Ethernet hard drive, the Western Digital WDG1NC10000M, with one terrabyte, going for $250.

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