Friday, July 4, 2008

lenovo IdeaCenter K Series K2.1 (57076245) for $280 after rebate at

We have a great deal for you if you don't hate rebates! This is nice even though it's a desktop! You can get the lenovo IdeaCenter K Series K2.1 (57076245) for just $280 after a $100 mail-in rebate. The rebate offer is good until July 31st, 2008. This is not a bad deal because this laptop is a using an Intel Pentium dual-core E2180(2.0GHz, CPU FSB 800MHz) processor, which according to is not a bad processor at all in terms of performance. This also has 1gb DDR2 memory, 320gb hard disk, dvd burner, Intel GMA 3100, Vista Basic and the usual assortment of a standard desktop like mouse, keyboard, memory card reader, ethernet (not wireless), lots of ports (but only VGA video) and one year warranty!

lenovo  IdeaCenter K Series  K2.1 (57076245)  Pentium dual-core  E2180(2.00GHz)  1GB DDR2  Intel GMA 3100 - Retail

There are four user reviews discussing this desktop at New Egg. So as you can see, this is not a bad deal at all if you are looking for a general usage desktop!!!

But wait, there's more! If you prefer 2gb of memory instead of 1gb, and Vista Premium instead of Vista Basic, NewEgg is offering the Lenovo K2.2 for an extra $70. Also a nice deal.

Do note that neither one is refurbished. These are new retail boxed desktops. Weight according to the specs is about 20 pounds, although I don't know if that is the box, or the naked desktop.

We couldn't resist the temptation and bought this one! We started posting an on-going review of the Lenovo K2.1 IdeaCenter desktop.

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