Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lots of laptops at Circuit City this week (7/20 to 7/26)

We have plenty of laptops in this week's Circuit City circular ad! Starting as low as $450 and moving on up to four figures in price. So let's take a look, starting with the lowest prices first.

The Compaq Presario C770us can be yours for just $450 after a $30 mail-in rebate. This is a nice price considering you are getting a dual-core Pentium T2390 processor, 2gb memory, 160gb hard disk, dvd burner, webcam, wireless, and Vista Premium! Limit one per customer and no rainchecks!

If you want a laptop with the new AMD Turion X2 RM-70 dual core processor, and don't want to pay much, you are in luck! The Compaq Presario CQ50110us is on special at Circuit City for just $550 after a $30 mail-in rebate. Limit one per person as this is a special introductor promotion! Apart from the new AMD processor, it has 3gb of memory, 200gb hard disk, dvd burner, 15.4" widescreen, and the usual assortment of features you would expect, including Vista Premium of course.

We have another sub-$600 laptop, the HP Pavilion dv6910us going for $600 after a $50 mail-in rebate. This is also one per customer. It features a 15.4" widescreen, AMD Turion X2 TL-60 dual core processor, 3gb memory, 200gb hard disk, dvd burner, wireless, webcam, bluetooth, and of course Vista!

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And speaking of HP, their EV089AA 12-cell battery is on sale for $100. This provides double the battery life of the standard 6-cell HP batteries. In theory at least. For a list of compatible laptop models, both HP and Compaq, please visit the the HP website.

More from HP, the dv6928us is yours for $630 after two mail-in rebates of $50 and $100 respectively (total $150). This has a 15.4" widescreen display, 3gb memory, 250gb hard disk, dvd burner of course, webcam, and Vista Premium. This is a Circuit exclusive model by the way. This is a Centrino laptop, which means a trio of Intel chipsets!

And if you want an affordable desktop replacement, the Toshiba P305-DS-8828 is all yours at $700, without any rebates whatsoever! This lovely has the new AMD Turion ZM-70 dual core processor, 3gb memory, 200gb disk, wireless, dvd burner with labelflash, webcam of course, and Vista Premium. Limit one per household. Nice deal if you love the 17-inch widedscreen laptops and you want a brand new model, hot off the assembly line.

Gateway has a presence in the ad too, with a brand new exclusive model, the Gateway M6866, with a Centrino processor, 15.4" widescreen, 4gb memory, 320gb hard disk, wireless, webcam, bluetooth, labelflash, dvd burner of course, and 64-bit Vista Premium. More ways to bluescreen or improved performance? Those are 64-bits for you to decide :)

The 14" widescreen laptops
These laptops are popular with people who want to trade-off portability with price, but without losing any actual power! There we find the Sony Vaio VGN-CR515E/B going for $850 after a $50 mail-in rebate. Oh my! A Sony with a rebate? What is going on here? :) As you can expect, you are paying a Sony-brand premium, but you are also getting a Centrino processor, 3gb memory, 250gb disk, wireless, webcam, fingerprint reader, Vista of course, and the aforementioned 14.1" Xbrite ECO widescreen display.

But for less, you can get the Toshiba Satellite M305-DS-4829. This goes for $730 and no rebates. This is a brand new model, and a CircuitCity exclusive to boot. It features the new AMD Turion RM-70 dual core processor, 4gb memory, 250gb hard disk, dvd burner of course, webcam, wireless, and Vista Premium. More so, this is prominently featured on the front page of the weekly circular ad. Infact it takes up about half of the page!

More expensive laptops
If you like your laptops to have convertible touchscreens, pay attention! The HP tx2510us is all yours for $950 after a $50 MIR. This includes a 12.1" convertible touch-screen Brightview display with a 180-degree swivel. Convertible means it can twist and shout, or swivel and rotate and things like that. This is a new laptop by the way, as evidenced by the brand new AMD Turion ZM-80 Ultra dual core processor. The new cpus are supported by 3gb of memory and a 250gb hard disk. Also dvd burner, wireless (including N), bluetooth, dvd burner, webcam, fingerprinter reader, and a lot more. Along of course with Vista HP (Home Premium).

At $830, but without any rebates, we find the Toshiba A305-S6857, which has a Centrino processor set, 4gb memory, 320gb disk, dvd burner with labelflash, wireless, webcam, fingerprint reader, and 64-bit Vista.

At $900 after a $50 mail-in rebate, we find the HP dv51000us, with an Intel Pentium dual core P7350 processor, 4gb of memory, 250gb hard disk, 15.4" widescreen display of the BrightView variety, webcam, dvd burner with lightscribe, and 64-bit Vista Premium, among many other things.

I want my laptop-TV! I want, I want, my laptop-TV! No Dire Straits to sing, but for $1080 after a $50 mail-in rebate, you can get the 17" widescreen HP Pavilion dv9930us. This puppy has a built-in HP ExpressCard TV tuner, and the NVidia GeFORCE 8600m GS with 512MB dedicated memory. Other specs include a Centrino processor set, 4gb memory, wireless, 320gb hard disk, webcam, and 64-bit Vista Premium.

FREE Stuff (after rebate) with purchase of any laptop!
Circuit City has a few specials to encourage people to buy laptops from them. You can get any combination of the following items, free after mail-in rebates.

  1. All-in-one printer, the Lexmark X2690
  2. Securit software, from Symantec
  3. D-link WBR1310 wireless-G router

Laptop Accessories
For just $15, you can get the Verge neoprene sleeves, available in solid colors or print designs. Are we buying bed sheets? :) For $25, you can get the loud-red Swiss Gear Anthem sleeve, good for laptops up to 15.4" widescreen. And if you want a backpack, the Swiss Gear Maxxum, good for up to 15.4", is all yours for $50. No rebates!

Verizon teases people with a free USB727 modem. But to get that, you have to sign up for a 2-year Broadband Access plan. The free is after two $50 mail-in rebates. You do have to jump through hoops, but it is free after the rebates. Assuming of course you need and want their Broadband service which of course costs a lot more during the course of two years.

The widescreen LCDs advertised range from $170 (AOC 917SW 19" widescreen) to $380 for the Acer P241WBD, which is a 24" wide LCD, and has both hdmi and dvi-d inputs, and a blazing 2ms response time, along with 1920x1200 resolution.

If you don't object to two $10 mail-in rebates, you can get the Logitech V220 mouse for just $10. But that's after the rebates are submitted, processed and cashed! Similarly after two $15 MIRs, you can get the Logitech QuickCam StX for $20AR.

And a Kensington ComboSaver lock is all yours for $10 after a $10 MIR. Nice price! Meanwhile, an APC built-in UPS 6 outlet protector is all yours for $30!

Moving along, the portable external hard disks are getting more and more affordable and fashionable at the same time as well. They start at $80 for the Western Digital 160gb MyPassport and go up to $250 for the terabyte Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus, which is a 3.5" USB and Firewire 400. Which is why it costs more than the "simpler" terabyte disks.

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