Friday, July 4, 2008

NewEgg: lenovo IdeaCenter K Series K2.2 (57076162) for $350 after $100 mail-in rebate (brand new, not refurbished!)

If the Lenovo K2.1 we just mentioned doesn't have enough memory and you prefer Vista Premium instead of Vista Basic, then all you need to do is pay an extra $80 and you still get a sweet deal from Meet the lenovo IdeaCenter K Series K2.2 (57076162). It can be yours for $350 after a $100 mail-in rebate. The rebate is good until the end of July. The rebate is available at the NewEgg site so you can take a look at it.

The K22 is powered by the Pentium dual-core E2180(2.0 GHz) processor, which did well in the benchmarks. Its other features are similar ot the Lenovo K2.1 as far as we can tell with three notable exceptions:

  1. K2.2 memory is 2GB DDR2 vs 1gb for the K2.1
  2. K2.2 comes with Vista Home Premium while the K2.1 comes with Vista Home Basic
  3. The K2.2 costs $70 more than the K2.1, but the $100 mail-in rebate is good for both

These are not refurbished, they are new retail boxes!!! From what I recall, the PDF file of the rebate says that you can submit up to five per business/person, so if this is something you like, load up! :) charges about $30+ for three business day shipping and collects sales tax in California, New Jersey, New York, and Tennessee, so be sure to note that in your bargain hunting calculations and spreadsheets.

lenovo  IdeaCenter K Series  K2.2 (57076162)  Pentium dual-core  E2180(2.00GHz)  2GB DDR2  Intel GMA 3100 - Retail

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