Saturday, August 16, 2008

Free after rebate Notebook Travel Kit at Circuit City (last day, back in stock!)

If you are not afraid of rebates, then we have a great deal for you! Circuit City is offering a Nexxtech Notebook Travel kit for Free after a $40 mail-in rebate! Just go to the Circuit City home page and search for "notebook travel kit". Or click on the direct link.

This kit is packaged in a travel case, which includes a wired mouse, 4-port USB hub, 3" USB cable, 256mb USB drive, and such. There are 61 customer reviews of this at Circuit City, so it's not a fly-by-night item!

Again, this requires a mail-in rebate, and if you hate the process of mail-in rebates, you can spare yourself the frustration and troubles by avoiding it. But if you are familiar with the rebate process, and you follow the instructions, make copies of everything, and keep track of it all, then go ahead! It's FREE, although sales tax is not refunded.

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