Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dell Vostro 1000 starts at $425 (AMD dual core TK-57)

Dell Small Business has a special offer on the Vostro 1000 that is good until October 29. The Vostro 1000 is an affordable laptop for everyday small business needs. It has a 15.4" widescreen display, 1gb DDR2 shared memory, 160gb hard disk, cdrw/dvd-rom, Vista Basic and such.

But fear not, most of the main specs of the laptop can be customized to your liking. For example, you can move to a dual-core processor, the AMD 64 X2 DC TK-57 (1.9GHz) for just an extra $25. So please don't let the Sempron scare you away!

Just visit the Dell site and try some configurations of interest. And please don't forget, this promotion is only good until October 29.

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