Sunday, November 23, 2008

Best laptop deals at Best Buy this week

The new Best Buy weekly circular is out! So what are the best laptop deals featured there? Let us take a quick look!

Front page deal: Toshiba L305D-S5895
The front page deal is a $500 Toshiba laptop "value meal". Value meal? Well, the technological equivalent. You also get a Targus slipcase and the Trend Micro Antivirus software package. These are bonus from the store, they are not included standard with the laptop. The laptop itself is the Satelite L305D-S5895, a Best Buy exclusive model, with an AMD dual-core processor, 3gb memory, 250gb disk and 15.4" widescreen. And of course the usual assortment of everyday feature one would come to expect from the $500 laptops of 2008.

But that's not all, they are also running a promotion for eighteen months of no interest storewide, if your total purchase is $499 or more. The laptop is $499.97, os even if you don't buy anything else, you would qualify. Of course if you do select this, be sure to put a GIANT calendar NOTICE to make sure you pay off the laptop loan before the end of the 18-month term. That means be done with it by late May 2010. That feels like a long time, but time does!

Best of the rest
It may be a great price, but with limited supply, the chances of finding this in-store are not very high. I am talking about the $400 Acer Aspire EX4630-4658. Yes, just four hundred, and of course as always, no rebates at Best Buy. This is a nice deal though, a 14.1" widescreen, which means you find a middle ground between a workable screen size and mobility and battery life. At least some people do. This also has a Pentium dual-core processor, 2gb memory, 120gb disk, and things like that.

The other noteworthy laptop is the Toshiba A355D-S6889 for $600, and this is a neo-widescreen laptop, with a new emerging size, sixteen inches of display. Diagonally measures as usual of course. The other specs include an AMD dual-core, 4gb memory (nice), 320gb disk, and things like that.

All these take us to Thanksgiving. Then the Thanksgiving "Black Friday" madness begins. Stay tuned for more...

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