Friday, November 21, 2008

Computer deals at

We start with the stars of the show, the portables themselves! $340 can get you the ASUS Eee PC 904HA, a fine ebony netbook, with an 8.9" display, along with the Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor, a respectable 1GB memory and 160GB hard disk. Also you get Intel UMA graphics (you are not buying this for extreme gaming after all), wireless-g, webcam of course, and alleluhiah, Windows XP Home, no Vista allowed!

Feed your computer. That's right, feed your computer with words with this Philips SPK3700bc/27 keyboard for just $8. This is a multimedia keyboard of the USB variety.

You don't want me to start singing o/~ Memories o/~, but you can get the Kingston 1GB 400MHz DDR1 SoDIMM Notebook Memory for $27. No rebates, and eligible for free shipping and handling.

One terrabyte? That is soooooo passe. You can instead get a 2TB Cavalry external hard drive, of the USB 2.0 variety, for just $220 and of course no rebates!

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