Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A power duo of HP laptops at Staples this week

Staples is spotlighting two HP Pavilion laptops in this week's circular ad. And they are offering two of the most popular screen sizes.

First up, at $600, you can get the HP G60-120us, which is Staples model 761020, and it has a 15.6" widescreen, not the usual 15.4". This is because the new (silly?) trend is to go to a true 16:9 aspect ratio, because perhaps more people are using their laptops to watch movies? Quite possibly so :) Anyways, this laptop is quite powerful for the price point, AMD Turion dual core RM-70 processor, 3gb memory, 260gb disk, dvd burner, numeric keypad on board (not USB, but glued in), and things like that. Also, the usual other features, like webcam, wireless, and Premium. Do note that the price is after a $50 easy rebate. Easy rebates are easy to do because you don't have to xerox and snail-mail crapola. It's rebates for people who are annoyed by traditional rebates. Or something like that :-)

Next up, we have the 17" widescreen *yum*, the HP dv7-1132nr at $700 and without rebates! The processor is an AMD dual core RM-70, with a 4gb memory, 250gb disk, dvd burner, enchanced hard disk protection, and the usual suspects in terms of other features, but also, 64-bit Vista Premium. Is 64-bit better? Or more permutations and combinations for blue-screens and memory leaks? :-)) OUCH!

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