Friday, November 28, 2008

Refurbished Gateway T6836 laptop for $600

If you are a fan of refurbished laptops, then you are reading the right post! Meet the refurbished Gateway T6836 for $600 plus shipping at Tiger Direct.

The (refurbished) Gateway S445-T6836 laptop is no slouch. It is powered by the Intel Core2 Duo T5750 (2GHz), with 4GB DDR2 memory, 250GB disk, dvd burner, 14.1" WXGA, wireless, webcam, and of course Vista Premium. And for style points, this laptop has a pacific blue color theme.

As this has a 14.1" widescreen as well, you can compare it to the brand new Acer 14.1" we just mentioned. Detailed specs are available at the Tiger site, so you can compare them line-by-line, and make the necessary trade-offs if you can't decide between the two.

For more on this, check this 4-minute video from Tiger TV right below:

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