Sunday, December 28, 2008

Office Max weekly deals headlined by blue Gateway M7317u

Office Max has a new round of weekly laptop deals and some of them are just sweet enough to get you thinking! Remember, Office Max does not do rebates, so what you pay at the cash register is what you pay, you don't have to worry about cutting bar codes, mailing stuff, and waiting for the rebate companies to wake up and send your well-deserved check back!

The best deal of the bunch is the Gateway M7317u, aka the blue notebook, going for $480. This gets you a Pentium T3200 dual core processor, a nice 3gb of DDR2 memory, 160gb hard disk, 15.4" widescreen, wireless, webcam, card reader, hdmi out, and of course Vista Premium. This is a sleek-looking sub-$500 laptop, although the definition of sleek is obviously personal :)

For more power and same Gateway goodness, you can get the Gateway M7818u for $580. This has similar specs as above, but 4gb ofmeomry, 250gb disk and the T5800 dual core processor (Centrino). Also, 64-bit Vista and a few other smaller differences. And this is more loud, loud as in color red/copper.

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For those who prefer slightly smaller laptops, the 14.1" HP dv4-1120us can be yours for exactly $650. You get the T5800 dual-core processor, 4gb of DDR2 memory, 250gb disk, wireless and webcam of course, card reader, dvd burner with lightscribe (how could we forget this one!),, and 64-bit Vista. Did we mention no rebates? :)

Stretching the widescreens
It is no secret that widescreens have been stretching the last few months to meet the 16:9 proportions of HDTV. With that in mind, there is a Sony Vaio VGN-FW230J/H (Office Max product code 2171-1550) offered for just $700. This has a 16.4" widescreen display, a compromise between the traditional 15.4" and 17.1" perhaps for some laptop buyers. Other features include the T5800 processor, 3gb memory, 250gb disk, wireless, webcam, hdmi out, and 64-bit Vista Premium.

Also stretched a little bit, is the 15.6" HP G60-1180M-B, going for $770. It won't stretch your budget because this is a bundle, not just the laptop. You also get the OfficeJet J4680 4-in-1 printer, and also a Bluetooth Laser mobile mouse. If you need all these, then it's a nice deal. If you don't, then you are probably buying them piecemeal. The laptop itself has the AMD X2 RM-70 dual core processor, 3gb of DDR2, 250gb disk, wireless, bluetooth, dvd burner, card reader, and things like that. We also have to mention that this has the nVidia GeForce 8200M video card, not an integrated chipset!

Note that this, and some of the others above are while supplies last, and availability will depend on location if you are buying brick and mortar. You can find the latest stores or check online availability by navigating through the link/banner in this blog post!

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