Sunday, February 15, 2009

Toshiba M305D-S49052 for $630 at Radio Shack

If you are look for a power-mobility-priority laptop, and you are a regular Radio Shack shopper and you don't object to mail-in rebates, then you might be interested in the Toshiba M305-S49052 offered for $630 after a $100 mail-in pre-paid Radio Shack gift card is received. You can obviously use the gift card for future Radio Shack purchases, give it as a gift, sell it on eBay, or trade it for something else with friends or gift-card trading websites.

But let's not diverse, the focus of this is the laptop and the laptop has these points of interest:
+ 14.1" widescreen display
+ extended battery life (up to 5.5 hours)
+ 4gb memory
+ 320gb disk
+ Pentium dual-core T3400 processor
+ dvd burner (supermulti)
+ wireless including "n"
+ webcam and face recognition
+ they also have a 12-month no-interest financing promotion

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Netbook sale at is having a big sale on netbooks! Check the banner below for all the details! Some of the specials they are offering include the ASUS EeePC 1000He, Lenoso S10e, Acer Aspire One, and many more.

Netbooks Sale - Asus, HP, Samsung and Acer

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

64gb Cavalry Pelican internal/external SSD for $150

Storage on the light side please! is offering the Cavalry Pelican 64GB Internal/External Solid State Drive for $150. This supports SATA II and USB 2.0 and is of the 2.5” variety. Free shipping is included and there are no rebates to mail-in which is a good thing :)

Obviously per gigabyte these are much more expensive than traditional spin-spin hard disk drives, but you are gettin solid-state storage, which has a number of advantages over hard disks among the portable crowd.

Microsoft Messenger bag for $15 after rebate is offering the Microsoft 15.4" widescreen laptop bag for $15 after a $10 mail-in rebate. Not a bad price, considering they also offer free shipping and handling. And on top of that, you can get FIVE of these/

Friday, February 6, 2009

Acer H223H widescreen (16:9) monitor for $$220

J&R World is offering the Acer H233H monitor for $230. This is 23" widescreen monitor with a highdef-friendly 16:9 aspect ratio. The manufacturer number is ET.VH3HP.001. Shipping is additional. Other specifications:
+ 1920x1200 resolution
+ VGA, DVI and hdmi
+ brightness 300 cd/m2
+ contrast ratio is 40000:1
+ weight is 10.5 pounds

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Toshiba 250gb external drive shipped for $70

J&R World is offering a new special for y'all out there, you can get the Toshiba HDDR250E03X 250GB external drive, which is of the USB 2.0 flava, for $70 and with free shipping and handling. This is not the lowest of prices by all means, but, yes but, you are getting a Toshiba! And it does have a shock-sensor, and three year warranty, and things like that.

But this is just the tip of the ice-berg, there are plenty of other top-rated Hard Drives at on sale at the moment. Over one hundred of them in-fact, the last time we counted. They include most of the major brands as you can expect, going for as low as $46 and as high as $869 for the Drobo.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Halo2 and Gears of War with Toshiba Qosmio purchase

Gamers of the world pay attention! Toshiba is offering Halo2 and Gears of War Free with a Qosmio purchase, while supplies last! Qosmio of course are the Toshiba Gamer/Multimedia laptops, and they currently have four models eligible for this promotion, starting at $1650 for the Qosmio X305-Q715 (Core2 Duo P8700, 4gb DDR3, etc) and going all the way up to $4500 for the top of the line Qosmio X305-Q708 (Extreme QX9300, 4gb DDR3, 128gb SSD plus 7200rpm hard disk, etc).

So if you have the hots for these cool gamers, you get two hot games for FREE, and at the same time you are buying directly from the manufacturer!

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