Saturday, March 7, 2009

Three desktops at Best Buy this week

This week's circular of Best Buy has three desktop bundles. Each one includes a 19" widescreen display, and of course as always with Best Buy, there are no mail-in rebates of any sorts!

We start at $450 with the Compaq SR5710y, which has the AMD dual-core 4450e+ processor, with 3gb memory, 250gb disk, dvd burner, Nvidia 6150SE, na dof course Vista Premium. The monitor is the Compaq WF1907.

Next we move to $550 with the HP S3700y whose monitor is the HP W1907 instead of a Compaq-branded one. The processor is a little bit better, it is the AMD dual-core 5000, with 3gb memory as well, but a better 320gb hard disk, yet with the same memory card as before.

Last but not least, at $880, we have the Gateway LX6810-01 offering a powerful alternative with the Intel Quad Q8200 processor, with a very very nice eight (8) gigabytes of memory, 640gb disk, NVidia GT120 with a very nice 1gb dedicated memory. Other features include the ability to watch and record TV, dvd burner and Vista.

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